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Anna is obsessed with kissing. Could she be any cuter?? (I ask that completely objectively.) She also likes to give "hard tisses". This is where she presses her mouth really hard against yours, then she wraps her entire arms around your head to get better leverage and presses REALLY hard. Eventually she starts laughing (with her lips still mushed up against yours) and finally she lets go and points at the baby slobber now covering the lower half of your face and declares you, "SLIMEY!!"

At bedtime, Mommy & Daddy get goodnight 'tisses'. Then while she's supposed to be falling asleep, and I'm laying on the floor next to her bed, she leans up and peers over the side and says "Tisses." There's no laying back down without one. OK, a kiss. "Twwoooo." OK, two kisses. "Stheeeee". OK, three kisses. Who's idea was it to teach her to count anyway? "Fooouuwr." OK, four kisses. "Stheeee." So I say, "No, we already had three kisses." Pause. "Fiffe."

She is so cute. I know I'm supposed to be holding the hard 'it's bedtime' line, but how can you be mad at that. What an angel. We are so lucky and blessed