Crazy Hat Day at school...

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Meet Anna...

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Anna's twin, Anna, that is. We got her a 'My Twinn' doll for her birthday and she loves it.

If I had 100 penus...

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Peni? Penises? I have never thought of it in plural I guess. Anyway...

Straight out of a silly email forward, similar to one I read this week, we had a "You Should Always Check Your Child's Homework" moment here yesterday. The funny thing is, even after having laughed at that email, I didn't catch it at first...Curtis did.

Anna's journal assignment was "If I had 100 pencils, I would...". They are supposed to use their journals to sound words out themselves, so we aren't supposed to help her spell. They can also try to 'find' the word they are spelling and copy it. Well, it turns out that the way her teacher wrote 'pencils' ran together a bit...

It caused a startling (at least to both of us) misspelling of "pencils" in her journal. I told her she should go show Daddy her journal, because he was in it, and I thought it was cute. I saw Curtis reading it, and his eyebrows went up (wayyy up). After looking at it, and looking at the assignment, I could see where the misunderstanding came from. I *did* make her fix it...but not before I snapped a picture.

New Year's Eve Bowling

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We took Anna bowling for the first time on New Year's was hilarious. It still makes me cringe for the lanes to watch this. We had fun though. And I even won one game, 6 months pregnant, with a bad back and a bum knee. Yeah, so what if it was with bumpers, I still WON. :)


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Last night, Anna took all of the cushions out of my glider rocker, then couldn't get them back in, so she had to ask Curtis for help.

Curtis told her, "Maybe it's a good idea not to take things apart if you can't put them back together, huh?"

Anna just looked at him and said very matter-of-fact, "I didn't KNOW I wouldn't be able to put it back together when I took it apart. You just never know how life is going to go, Daddy."


So, I'm 6+ months along now, and my tummy isn't the only thing that has been busy growing. I'm giving Dolly a run for her money these days. Last night, as Anna was cuddling at bedtime, she said, "I think your boobies are getting bigger to get ready for baby. We should either cut off the tops and pour out some milk, or milk you like a cow to make them smaller." What can I say...she leaves me speechless.