Little Miss Manners

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On Christmas Eve, after we got home from church, we had our little 'tradition' (borrowed from our good friends the Bells) of opening one gift - of new PJs to sleep in that night. So, we took the opportunity to review some 'gift opening' ettiquette with Anna. I told her, "When you open a gift, be sure to say how much you love it, and say thank you. And if you open a gift that you already HAVE, don't say anything about that, because it might hurt their feelings. Just say that you love it and say thank you. We'll take care of it later."

So, on Christmas morning, Anna cheerfully parroted "Thank you! I love it SO much!" verbatim after opening each gift. We were chuckling about that, when Curtis opened a board game from Mom & Alisa. Anna rushed over to him and got right in his face so she could look him in the eye and said in a very loud stage whisper, "Daddy! Just say 'Thank you, I love it so much!' so they won't know we already have that one."

Daddy's Little Brewer...

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Click on the picture to see a larger version so that you can read it easier.

OK, so she has a point.

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Anna has been interested in sign language for some time now. She used to just make gestures up and say, "That's sign language for...". And she'd give you that "it's painfully hard to deal with someone as dumb as a rock, but I am trying" look if you didn't get it.

So, I told her that there was a real language of sign language, and we bought her a kids sign language book, that we have been learning from - a little here are there. So, this week, she pointed to a sign and wanted me to teach it to her. I told her that was the sign for the word "louder".

She said, "No it's not, SILLY!!!"
I maintained that it WAS the sign for loud.
She replied, "But Mommy (yeah - I was getting that dumb as a rock look again) why would they need a sign for 'louder' if they can't HEAR anything?!"

1 Point to Anna. She wins this round.

Anna's First Book...

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...that she WROTE, anyway. As read and illustrated by the author. Enjoy!