MY MOM, By Anna

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The BOLDED ITALICIZED print is how Anna filled in the blanks on this Mothers' Day Story.

My Mom's Name is Rebekah.

She is 50 years old. (But I have to say - her first guess was "5". Her second guess was "50". Curtis helpfully pointed out that my real age was muchg closer to "50" than "5". )

Her favorite foods are watermelon and kiwis or cantaloupe or cereal. (I have never eaten a kiwi in my life. But I HAVE been trying to get her to eat one.)

She likes to drink Coke. Her favorite flower is a daisy. (Hit the nail on the head with those two.)

Her hobbies are sleeping and drinking coffee. (Damn - truth hurts. )

She is special to me because on Mother’s Day she let me sleep in their bed and because I love her . (OK, that made up for the age thing. )

If I could give her anything in the world it would be to let her sleep in because she likes to sometimes.

So cute...well, except for the age part. Totally NOT cute.

Lilo & Stitch Cake

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This is for a very good friend's daughter's 5th birthday. Totally a labor of love...but it was fun. And I am *SO* over cakes for awhile again. Lots I would change, or that didn't end up as I wanted it to - but overall I am happy with it.

*I did have to glue Stich's happy little ass to his surfboard, so he's out of commission after this. Thank goodness my dad raised me, not on duct tape (although that was popular too), but on the merits of 5 minute epoxy.