Too bad I'm the one who takes all of the good pictures...

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Since I am out of commission with my surgery here, you're missing soooo many great photo ops that no one else thinks about. Like, Anna dancing aroun our bedroom with my inflatable doughnut around her neck, pretending it's a princess crown. That pretty much says it all.

Then there is this oldie but goodie. It was when we were 'drying out my two cabbage patch kids for Anna after years of storage and a good bath. You can consider it a re-enactment of the surgical positioning that I endured. Good times....

More Anna-isims...

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We have been discussing with Anna that it is not OK to say 'Oh My God". Oh my "gosh" or "goodness" is OK, but not the other.

So, apparently she took it to heart. Tonight when we started bedtime prayers, she began, "Dear Gosh...."

Oops! Clarification is in order, I guess. As soon as we stop laughing.


Anna is getting over an ear infection, and has had some wax in her ear. She tells us when it is there, and if she needs help getting it out. So, today she and Curtis had the following conversation:

A: I have wack in my ear.
C" It's actually called 'wax'.
A: No it's not silly! It's wack.
C: No, sweetie. The stuff in your ears in called "WAX".
A: No Daddy. There is just one piece in there, so it is called wack. There isn't more than one piece. If there were more than one, THEN you'd call it wacks.

Damn....she's pretty good.

Day at the beach

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We spent the day at the beach with our friends during our trip to Disneyland. There are some things that you just gotta love about living in California, despite the traffic, politics, high cost of living and real estate woes. This is one of them.

I love my two sweethearts.

Bryce & Anna sitting in a tree....

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These two are so stinkin' cute together. They are both such sweet kids, and they have SO much fun. I wish we lived closer to the Sconyers'. Maybe someday we'll be inlaws.... hahaha

We got to visit Aunt Dorothy!

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While on our trip to southern California, we went to have a little visit with Curtis' Aunt Dorothy. It was so nice to see her. We don't get to go down there often (Anna & I), although Curtis has seen her fairly regularly when he is working down there. She wasn't feeling well enough for us to take her out to dinner, but we visited in her room for a bit. She thrilled Anna with a new little teddy bear and a cute little pink bird that was sitting on its own bird house.

We miss you, Aunt Dorothy!

A little house tour video

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Junior Therapist

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Despite her current intentions of becoming a Veterinarian and Firefighter, I think Anna is headed for a career in couples therapy. She seems to want us to have more long and involved talks with each least when it suits her. hahaha We were driving home from Disneyland (more pics of that to follow eventually) and we had the following conversation:

A: I can't hear my movie. Will you please turn it up?
B: No, Daddy is listening to the radio, so he can stay awake while he drives. But you can use your headphones.
A: Nooooo....I don't want to use my headphones anymore. Can you turn the movie sound on instead.
B: No sweetie. We need Daddy's music on so that he will stay awake.
A: I have an idea! Mommy, you could just TALK to Daddy a lot, so that he will stay awake, and then you can turn on my movie instead of the radio.
C: (laughing) Oh no! Not talking!
A: *sigh* Daddy, please let Mommy talk to you. It would be really good. She wants to talk to you, so you should let her!

Such a funny girl. She definitely thinks all of these things through completely. What a crack up.

Visit with our friends.....

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We're on the road to DISNEYLAND! Yeah!!! We got to spend the day today with our good friends the Sconyers. Gorgeous day!!!

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