How quickly they learn...

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In the car this morning:

ANNA: Hey, Mom...?
ME: Yeah?
ANNA: Never mind.
ME: What did you want to ask?
ANNA: Nothing. I'm just going to do it, because if I ask I think you'll say "No".

When did Anna learned the old adage, "Better to ask forgiveness than permission?"

Little Boy Blue turns ONE!

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Happy Birthday, Zachary! I can't believe that it was just one year ago, on that memorable day, that I was at Kaiser screaming "THIS F*&%^$& HURTS! GIVE ME MORE DRUGS!!!" Oh...ummm, I mean, one year ago that our precious baby boy was born. (OK, the other thing happened too - but he was worth it.)

We had a GREAT time celebrating his birthday with family and friends. And fortunately, we were HEALTHY by then! (Little did we know that Zach would come down with another tummy bug that night, but we had fun for the party, so all was well.)

Zach's birthday cake was decorated to match the party theme. We're going to the ZOO!

A birthday party wouldn't be the same without our signature sandwiches (We fill them a little differently, and they are always a hit. People ask for them every time.) but I was going to can them in favor of something that I could make CUTE to go with the theme. Curtis saved the day by suggesting we paint them with scales and make one long snake out of it. I *love* how it turned out. It's a little hard to see here, but it was fun. I made the head and tail from puff pastry.

We also had bear/monkey/non-descript zoo animal PB&Js.

Happy little guy on on his bday!
Zach had a little trouble getting into the idea of his 'smash' cake - but he evetually dove in and made a respectable mess. He looked like a Smurf by the time he was done.

Playing with new toys!

Our friend Tracie made Zach an ADORABLE t-shirt to wear for his birthday! He wore it well. :)

Pa got some giggles from the birthday boy!

Meet Rody.

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Aunt Sarah & Uncle John sent this COOL new toy to Zach for his birthday! The only thing better than the smile on Zach's face when we first put him on it and he got to bounce around...

...was getting this picture of Curtis blowing Rody up, through his unfortunately placed fill hole.