"That's a funny bitch!"

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"That's a funny bitch!"

That's what we heard Anna saying from the playroom yesterday. I was in the middle of nursing Zach, so I couldn't go back there at that point. So, I called out, "What did you say?" She replied, "I said that's a funny bitch!" I was quiet for a few moments while I turned it round and round in my mind trying to think what she could POSSIBLY be saying that would be acceptable to pass the lips of my 6 year old angel. Nothing. Nada. I'm drawing a blank. I finally asked her to come out front to tell me what she was saying. She showed me this:

She was playing with fuse beads, and she made her own animal hybrid. A fish, with bunny ears and a bunny tail. Need a diagram? OK, try this...
So, she was calling it a FUNNY BISH!

I swear, it probably gave me pause for thought mostly because I have uttered something similar many times in the past. I mean, I don't clearly *remember* saying that, but it sounds like something I might have said to Em, Tracy, Ape or Kelli...at 3am, on our way to Denny's, after partaking of a few (too many) adult beverages. "You are ONE FUNNY BISH!!!" Ahhh...good times.