Seemed like a good idea at the time...

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....Daddy playing with Anna and her bath suction cup toy. Oops.

He has the biggest, purple-est, most monster hickey you've ever seen on his forehead now.

The funny thing is, that thing NEVER sticks in the bathtub. She stuck it to his forehead and pulled and it just STUCK. Hard.

The funnier thing is, he has to do year end performance evals (an hour long face to face) with all of the people in his office over the next three days.

So funny! We both laughed so hard. He was a good sport about it. We spent the evening coming up with funny stories to tell people.

- "D'oh!!! [channeling Homer Simpson, smacking himself in the forehead] - I have no idea what that is!"
- "I told Rebekah to give me some head...but she was confused." (he won't really say that)
- "I was eating a live octopus, like they do on Iron Chef, and that little guy was a fighter!"

One Tough Cookie

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Last night Anna and I drove to San Francisco to pick Daddy up from work and run a few errands. We went to Pier 39, because I needed some make-up (I LOVE that Bare Escentuals stuff now). It was DESERTED! I expected it to be crowded, but there was no one there at all. We went and saw the seals and the big Christmas tree and just wandered around for awhile. It was such a nice night. Reminded me of the day after our wedding when Curtis and I puttered around the city all day waiting for our honeymoon flight to leave that evening....just the two of us. It was really nice.

So - anyway...this wouldn't be my blog without an Anna story. We walk into this cute little puppet store, and were looking at all the neat puppets. The owner was working really hard to show Anna something that she liked and kept bringing out different things. What does our tough little cookie say?

That doesn't impress me.

Curtis and I and the sales lady ALL just about fell over laughing. What a crack up.

Weeee Are the Champions.....!!!!

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We WON the Amazing Race! Well...the mothers' club version anyway. Kelly and I kicked bhutt!!! Even though we both went into it feeling like crap (she was recovering from laryngitis and I am getting a migraine) we had a blast. Our friends did such a great job organizing it.

We started off with a trivia type scavenger hunt at the library. Let's just say intellect was not our strong suit tonight, but we got it finished eventually. (Did you know that the California state motto is "Eureka!" and the capital of Denmark is Copenhagen?) What? Well...would you have known it under pressure in the Amazing Race? OK, fine, whatever.

Then we had to do "Hoops, Hoops, Hoops!" Complete 20 freethrows or 100 hula hoop rotations at our next task. Kelly was not in the bball groove tonight, but her boobs ROCK at keeping a hula hoop movin'!

Then, on to Starbucks, where we convinced 3 guys to give us money and then had to buy a hot chocolate and drink it, along with eating an entire mixing bowl full of pudding. This was my task, unfortunately. I saw the team that had arrived before us had been there for some time, and was only half way through. I ate two handfuls (yes - no silverware and nothing to clean up with) and said, "Let's take the penalty. It can't be done." Kelly was pissed for a bit, but eventually everyone gave up, so we had made a wise decision.

From there we had to find 20 cans of food and meet at Applebee's. We ran to my house (which was closer than anyone else's fortunately), cleaned out my pantry, made life difficult for my poor, wonderful husband who was trying to get Anna to bed, "Who was that? I think it was Mommy. No, really, it was Mommy. Where is Mommy now?", and raced back to Applebees!

Whooo hoooo!!! We won!!! A $10 GC for Starbucks for each of us. Then we all hung out and had appetizers and drinks at Applebees. All in all....a very fun night. (And did I mention, we WON!!!)

Where do the days go?

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I swear, I was busy every minute of the day today....and I have no idea what I got done. I can think of a list of things, but none of them seem to have taken up the whole day, but, it's GONE!

I did make Split Pea soup from scratch with the ham bone from our Pre-Christmas this weekend. I hate spilt pea soup - but Curtis and my mom like it. And I made dinner for a friend in the mothers' club that is having a rough time, and got that delivered. I bought more Princess panties for Anna today - because no matter how many I buy we seem to run out, and I refuse to re-use poopy ones. And I spent way too much time trying to fill out the claim form for our FSA account.

Hmmmm...whole lotta nothin' - but my To Do list is getting shorter. I'm so excited that tomorrow night, we have a Mothers' Club Amazing Race! It should be fun! Wish me luck!

Oh yeah....potty update

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We're (MOSTLY) potty trained!!! I wish I could take some credit, but she just...kind of....did it. She woke up dry one morning, so I thought - "It's now or never." She only had 1-2 accidents a day for the first 2 days, and NONE during the past 3-4. She's been dry at naps, night time and all day for severl days now! Whoo hoo! Our little girl is getting so BIG now! We still have a ways to go on # 2 - but that will come in time. Yeah, Anna!!!

Nice weekend.

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We had our first "Christmas" this weekend. This was the one we celebrate with our closest family friends every year. It was nice.

Friday: My friend Tracy and her son Anthony and her mom came down. Tracy and I left the kiddos with the Grammys on Friday night and went to a Passion Party! Holy cow. It was fun though....I have to admit. We drank many yummy Margaritas (just like Martha makes) and I even BOUGHT something.....scary, huh?!

Saturday: Curtis was home (yeah!) and Tracy and Anthony stayed on the sofa Friday night. We all hung out in the living room in our PJS and had a lazy morning before going to my mom's for presents then dinner. Then after they left, my mom and sister and I went shopping and just soaked up some Christmas Mall Spirit and hit Marie Calendars for munchies at 11pm. We giggles until we pee'd ourselves (which isn't that hard for my mom and I - post kids...admittedly) over the wind up Santa Stich toy that my sister bought for me at the Disney store. And laughed some more over my mom singing her nose hairs sniffing the scented oil burned at Bath & Body works.

Sunday we did pics in the morning for our Christmas cards and then came back to nap during the 49er game before decorating the tree.


Just a really nice weekend with some of my favorite people. I really do know what a lucky girl I am.

My honey is home!!!

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Curtis has been in D.C. all week on business and he surprised us by coming home a day early! I'm so happy he's home. I still miss him when he's gone - even just for a day or so...though this was longer. I suppose that 's a good sign, that we still miss each other when we're apart after all these years. I'm a lucky girl.

To pee, or not to pee.

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Or more specifically, to tinkle in the Big Girl Princess Panties until it runs down your leg onto the carpet, or to tinkle in the Big Girl potty.

Guess what we've been doing? Actually, she's been doing great. We haven't pushed it, and she seems to be taking the initiative on her own. We've only had a few accidents in the past 3 days since this really started.

Here are a few things I've learned:

- 16 pairs are not enough. We don't do laundry THAT often, and they seem to go quickly.

- That Anna loves to tell me, "I am SOOOO proud of you, Mommy" when I go to the bathroom.

- The frequency with which Anna feels the need to "go" is directly proportional to how long we've been trying to get her to go to sleep, and we can't really call her bluff on THAT one.

- The Sesame Street potty ring that Anna uses on the toilet will become stuck if her little friend tries to wear it on his head as a hat.

I'm sure my learning curve has just begun....but so far we're all starting to have fun. As ever. Anna Catherine keeps everything interesting....and we're pretty lucky for that.

Has it been that long?

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I guess so. I didn't think I had slacked off THAT much. We've been busy doing the mothers' club Christmas party. We gathered around 100 toys for Toys for Tots, so I think it was a success. Everyone has a good time.

Anna got to sit on Santa's lap. And what did she think of to tell Santa that she wanted for Christmas? A pink hammer. WTF?! But, being the super parents that we are, we found one. She is so funny. I think she likes anything that Daddy does. I love that. I hope that she has as great a relationship with her Daddy as I have with mine.

Imaginary Friends.

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Anna has begun to have imaginary friends quite often now. Actually, they're usually imaginary animals, so maybe she's like me in that regard (liking animals - not having imaginary friends, that is). Usually she'll be pretending they are asleep, (Shhhh! My pretent baby kitten is sleeping!) or eating with her (My pretend giraffe wants a bit of my chicken.) or snuggled next to her in bed (My pretent pig needs some covers too!). But, there is danger in the fact that SHE is the only one who can see them. Mommy and Daddy are clueless. Tonight Curtis was chastized for pulling the covers over Anna, and leaving her pretend mouse without covers. And he also stepped in the imaginary frog poop.

Yesterday, she came to me with her hands held out and cupped and said "Here, Mommy!" I said, "Mmmm...yummy apples (munch munch munch sound)." Anna looked at me horrified and said, "NO! Don't eat my pretend baby giraffes!!" Ooops.

We had another nearly tragic moment about this tonight. This weekend we had mice in the garage (because it turns out my MOTHER (ah hem) had left a bag of food packaging wadded up behind the garage trash can). So, we had traps set up in various places (which worked like a charm , I must say), and it seemed that they were all gone. Then, while we're laying on our bed talking tonight, Anna comes in the room and says, "The cute little gray mouse isn't feeling good." Oh shit. We both bolted up and looked at eachother.

"What mouse honey?"
"The little gray mouse. He's not feeling good."
"Ummmmm....where is he?"
"He's out there."
(This is where Mommy goes to distract Anna while Daddy goes looking for the illin' little gray mouse.)
After Curtis leaves, Anna opens the door and picks up the Little Golden Book she'd been playing with in the hallway and turns to the back.
"See, Mommy. This little mouse is not feeling good. He looks sad."
(This is where Mommy starts breathing again.)
"Oh....THAT mouse!"

*sigh* I guess it could have been worse!

Our house is funny.

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Or maybe it's just our family. Our maybe life is just good, but when Daddy gets home from work, and Anna is all wired to see him, we always bundle up on our bed and talk about our days. So much fun, and so many laughs.

We're trying to teach Anna about interrupting people. We've gotten across that you should say "Excuse me..." when someone else is talking and YOU would like to have a turn talking. Unfortunately it usually goes something like this...

ME: (To Curtis) So I answered the phone and then...

ANNA: Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me.

ME: Anna, Mommy is talking right now.

ANNA: But I said "Excuse me" and now you stopped, so I want you to keep stop talking and I'm going to tell you about the car who would never be able to get up the red hill. (We're still not sure what the deal is with the red hill....but she keeps telling us about it.)

Other funny thing she said tonight....when Curtis couldn't find a diaper in her closet and called me to ask where one was...
"Oh, it's OK Mommy. Daddy was just being confused."

I'm having a rough day!

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Anna, that is, not me.

This is what Anna kept crying last night. I finally took her back to the doctor yesterday, because even though it seems like the cold has passed, she just hasn't been her usual, cheerful self. She does indeed have an ear infection now. Poor baby. But, atleast now she's on antibiotics, so hopefully she'll be feeling better soon. At bedtime she kept crying and we'd hear her from the other room in the most pathetic voice...

"I'm having a rough day!"

We finally just snuggled her until she fell asleep. She's such an angel. I think she'll be feeling better soon now. We're going to bake cookies today and hang pictures. Just a quiet girls day around the house. We may go next door to visit Aunt Sandi, because she's still in her PJs too - recovering from back surgery.
We're looking forward to having Daddy to ourselves ALL week next week! Yeah!

Bambi is a BOY?

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What the hell is up with that? All these years, I have just assumed Bambi is a girl. I know I saw the movie when I was little, but I don't remember anything about it. But Bambi is a girl's name, isn't it? (Albeit, usually a girl who is a stripper or a hooker in a bad B grade movie - but still a GIRL!)

Sorry - this just disturbs me. A boy? Gee...I should watch some grown-up TV once in awhile, huh? Don't get me started on Thomas the Train.

We ran out of tinkle.

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That is what Anna told me today.

We're having a resurgence of potty training interest (YEAH!) so we're trying to capitalize on it. We have had a potty chart for awhile, and when Anna tinkles on the potty she gets 1 sticker, and when she poops, she gets 2 (which has yet to happen). She gets to pick her own sticker to keep too. When she fills up a row, she gets a prize (a My Little Pony, or a doll, etc.)

So, today, she woke up and first thing said, "I need to go potty!" And we went in, and she actually did! Yeah! We did the happy dance together. Then Anna fell over on the floor and proclaimed that she "...Must have done too much happy dance, and made herself fall over onto the floor."

So much fun was the pottying, that she wanted to try it again right away! Hmmm....well....what the heck. So off comes the diaper again and we go back to sit on the potty. After a few moments of expectant silence, Anna said, "I think we ran out of tinkle, but maybe we'll have some more later, so we should try to go potty again later."

Ahhh....maybe I'm biased, but does it get any cuter than that?

Attitudes by Charles Swindoll

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The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life.
Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill. It will make or break a company... a church... a home.

The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change our past... we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude... I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.

And so it is with you... we are in charge of our Attitudes.


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I truly believe that being happy is a choice we make - day to day, minute to minute. I think far too few people make that choice. I don't think I've been making it very well lately - which I am going to try to remedy now. I am a happy person, in general. Life is just too short, and I am too blessed, not to be. Seriously, you don't have to look very far to see people with far greater problems than your own, most of the time. So - smile.

A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes. -Hugh Downs

Small miracles....

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How can I look at that precious, peaceful face, and not feel like God is working miracles in my life? What did we ever do to deserve her? Please, God, help us to raise her well, and to know you.

The Folgers Challenge

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We've secretly replaced Anna's ORIGINAL Sleepy-time Care Bear (who has become FILTHY after so much sleepy-time snuggling) with a newly purchased IMPOSTER Sleepy-time Care Bear (who is sparkly clean and sweet smelling). Let's listen in....

Mommy & Daddy: (Tucking Anna into bed...crossing fingers). Good night. Here's Sleepy-time Bear. We love you.

(Mommy gently places STB against Anna's back, where she always reaches her arm back to rub his heart shaped nose while she falls asleep.)

Anna: Good night, I love you. (Mumbled around her thumb, already relaxing into bed. Eyes drift shut. Mommy & Daddy make a break for the door.)

Then, Anna reaches back to find STB's heart, her hand gropes around on him for a minute, then she grabs his arm and whips him around to face her. Holding him out in front of him with both hands, she examines him....looks suspiciously at Mommy & Daddy....then looks back at him, weighing her options. Sleep wins out, as she snuggles him close and goes to sleep. (It is at this point that Mommy & Daddy resume respirations.)

I think she just wanted to make her point that we didn't fool her - but she never complained. I was too scared to thrown him in the wash, because if he wasn't OK, or he didn't dry in time, we'd have had a ROUGH time. As it is, STB Original washed up just fine, and now we have an emergency spare. Such a bright little girl....good thing she cuts us some slack now and then.

Perpetual cold bugs.

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I know, I know. Goes with the toddler territory, but it really does seem like we've all been sick for months now, and it's only NOVEMBER!! First Anna, then me, then Curt, then me again for 2 flippin' weeks, and now Anna again. Poor punkin. Atleast I can take Nyquil. Nyquil rocks. She keeps waking up all disoriented and whining/crying....but holding her or soothing her doesn't really help because she's just so out of it. So, she's been in our bed for the past few nights. If she's going to cry either way - I'd rather she cry while I'm holding her. I can't stand letting her cry by herself. But, fortunately during the day, she's in pretty good spirits. She mostly wants to sit on the couch and watch Diego (Mommy! I wonder what ami-mi-mal will be in trouble today!?") and snuggle her sleepy time bear. So sweet.

Holy crap.

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So, multi-tasking as usual, I'm half listening to Anna when I hear, "Mommy, listen to me! Listen! I need a baby dildo!" Clear as day. I think I just stared at her slack jawed for awhile, blinking. WHAT?! Seriously, not to be a prude, but there is NOTHING like that in our house. I'm thinking, "Where the hell did that catalog go from my cousin's Bachelorette Passion Party?".

I finally get my brain functioning long enough to ask her to repeat it. Maybe I misheard. "What do you need?"

"A baby dildo!" Huh.

"Ummmm...why don't you show me what you're talking about."

She pulls me into our bedroom and shows me this book - "Tails". If you look closely, you'll see that the "a" of the title is formed with an ARMADILLO tail. And the Mommy armadillo has baby armadillos, which Anna apparently thinks are irresistible. After I started breathing again....and pissed myself laughing....we had a serious enunciation lesson. Heaven help us - what a crack up.

Things heard around our house lately...

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I wish I could keep track of more of these....Anna is such a ball of laughs. And half of it is in the delivery, so if you don't find these funny in type, come on over for a show with the comedienne herself.

ME: Dora is coming on next.
ANNA: No, I don't think you're right.
(A few minutes later, while I'm in the other room, I hear screamed...)
ANNA: NO!!! I AM WRONG!! It's Dora!!!
(I just called Curtis to tell him that Anna has been picking up phrases that he uses a lot, but I didn't elaborate.)

ANNA: You shouldn't talk with food in your mouth. You should only talk when there isn't any food in your mouth.
(Nice to have manners. Embarrassing when your 2 year old corrects everyone who passes through the front door. Or maybe we just know a lot of people with poor manners....Hmmm.)

ANNA: My favorite on Winnie the Pooh is Chris-a-miss Robin.

ANNA: There was a dog, and he was walking, and then he fell. [doubles over laughing] Do you think that's TIL-A-RIOUS?! Wait, let me tell you my joke again and it will be til-a-rious again. There was a dog, and he was walking, and then he fell. [doubles over laughing] Do you think that's TIL-A-RIOUS?! [Repeat as needed....she did.]

ANNA: Let me tell you a story. Once there was a little girl on the potty. And it all happened in the Hundred Acre Woods.
(I kept asking, but she said that was all there was to the story.)

ANNA: Mommy, are you having issues?

ANNA: Oh no!!! Get me a Kleenex! My Zebra stepped in poop and I need to clean his foot!
CURT: What Zebra?
ANNA: This Zebra, right here. He's a baby Zebra. (Ahhh...he's a pretend zebra. OK.)
ME: What poop did he step in?
ANNA: (Giving us the silly parents look) This pretend poop, right here!

To set the scene.....Curtis and I are working on the computer in our bedroom, and Anna is in the living room "helping" my mom fold clothes. After the "helping" was getting counter productive, this ensued:
MY MOM: (In her best mean mommy voice to Anna, after warning her several times to stop unfolding the clothes) NO!
ANNA: Grandma, don't speak to me that way.
(While my mom is doubled over laughing, Anna comes to tell us in the bedroom...)
ANNA: Grandma is not being nice to me.

While reading to Anna on her bed, our often annoying dog Rigby jumped up on her bed (this is Anna's dog, mind you) and I "nudged" him off with my foot.
ANNA: Mommy! Please don't beat my dog. That's not nice.

Can I call in sick?

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WARNING: The following contains blatant whining and self pity. Proceed at your own risk.

Do stay at home mom's get sick days? I mean, if I'm really sick, either Curtis will stay home, or my mom will come over to help me out, and I am so blessed to have such support. But, seriously, that's not the same as a REAL sick day. Sick days before we had kids were way better. (Not that I'd ever trade my Boo for all the sick days in the world....I'm just having a pity party.) You know, the kind where you wake up and leave a message for your boss saying, "Ain't happenin' today - I'm on my death bed." You fall back asleep in bed until about 11am. Then wake up and drag yourself to the kitchen to make some peanut butter toast, which you eat while dozing, bundled up on the couch, watching horrible Jerry Springer re-runs. (Horrible Jerry Springer shows? As opposed to good Jerry Springer shows? Right - no such animal. Sorry - it's the Nquil talking.) Then you doze on and off all afternoon catching part of Oprah and the last half of Wheel of Fortune.

I want a sick day. Instead, I'll probably spend tomorrow making Nemo waffles for Anna, watching the Winnie the Pooh Heffalump movie for the zillionth time while snuggled on the couch with my Boo-bear. Awwww...nevermind. It doesn't get any better than that (well, unless Curtis were home to snuggle with us, that is).

"Come taaaaaaake this..."

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First, let me say, Anna has been doing a GREAT job sleeping in her own big girl bed, staying there all night, and even falling asleep on her own in her room. But, we have the typical 'call backs' for one last sip of water, a new Kleenex, a missing Care Bear, etc.

Well, the other night, we had a new one that had both of us looking quizzically at each other. "Come take this. Come taaaaaaaaake this." Her little sing-song voice is enough to crack you up. Take this? Take what? We both shrugged and Curtis went to 'take it'.

He came back with a wry grin. It turns out "this" was a big booger on the end of her outstretched finger. "Here Daddy, take this," she whispered. What a crack up.


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The pink fairy came to visit Anna, and tossed her cookies before she left. Anna officially has a "big girl" room now. I always said that I wasn't going to re-do Anna's room until she had an opinion about it, which I'm sure will be soon. So, it started off innocently enough. It started off as a new twin bed, then my so called friend, KELLY, said, "well, you don't have to re-do her room - just a little new paint would go a long way". Famous last words..... It got me inspired to do a girly-girl room. And I love it, and more importantly, ANNA loves it.

Here's a few pics. And, another miracle came in the package. Some of you may have been following the nurse to sleep - rock to sleep - sit next to-to sleep - progression that we've been doing for the past 2.5 years. Well, now, with the addition of the big girl bed - Anna goes to sleep BY HERSELF in her own bed - HAPPILY! Whoo hoo!!! This is such a huge milestone for us! And she's been staying in her own bed until 6-7am, which is also great! She still comes to our bed to snuggle in the morning - but none of us are eager to stop that. We love our morning snuggles. Yeah, Anna!

Grandmere & Grandpere

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My Dad's parents were never know to us as Grandma and Grandpa. My grandmother wanted to be a little different, so we always called them Grandmere and Grandpere (the French version). They both passed away a number of years ago (high school and college for me). They were such neat people and I have such great memories of them. I was just thinking about them this morning, and wishing that they could have known Curtis (he only met Grandmere once, and she was already 'not herself') and that Anna could have known them. They would have had SO much fun together. We've been cleaning house, and I came across a box of my Grandmere's jewelry, mostly costume stuff - but totally "her". Anna and I were playing with it this morning and I was telling her all about her Great-Grandmere and Great-Grandpere. It made me teary then (as I am now, while typing this). I hope they're up in heaven somewhere enjoying watching her grow, and that someday when we're all there together, they'll have a blast together.

What a charmer...

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So, while we're painting Anna's room, she is in her toddler bed in our room. And I'm trying to work at the computer while she goes to sleep. But, since she had about a dozen poached cookies from Aunt Sandi's next door before bed - and several handfuls of "sprinkles" - sleep does not appear to be forthcoming. Here are but a few of the tactics that she has tried tonight so far....
  • "But I need another sip of water."
  • "I need a Kleenex."
  • "Wait - I need to tell Daddy I love him again."
  • "Mommy, I need to tell you something important. I love you."
  • "Wait, Mommy. I need to tell you something really important. I love you."
  • (After I said, "Close your eyes and go to sleep,"...) "But mommy, is it OK if I just leave them open so that I can look at you."
  • "Oh, Mommy. I love you soooo much."
  • "Mommy, you're so pretty. And Daddy is handsome."
  • "Wait - I need to give you one of these." (Holding her hand up for a high five.)
  • "OK, I'm just going to come get into Mommy & Daddy's bed to go to sleep now."

Some nights, we're both admittedly short and frustrated by the time she goes to sleep (usually around 9pm when she's out). Tonight, we were both cracking up and melting with the sweetness. And she's still awake trying to engage me even while I'm typing this. What a doll. We are so blessed.

The Playhouse....

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That title seems so painfully inadequate, given that "The Playhouse" is about 25% the square footage of our house, and towers in height over our next door neighbors' house. But, for now, that's what we're calling it. It still needs paint, a door, windows and carpet. But, structurally, it's pretty much there. And Anna LOVES it. The roof (including 4 heart shaped sky lights), railing (with custom milled heart slats) and bead board wall paneling are done. The bird feeder for the extended roof rafter is bought and in transit. Here are a few pics...

View out the back, into the park behind our house (and a little league field). Anna LOVES this thing! (Mastiff arse seen in foreground)

The heart shaped sky lights. There are 4 total.

View out the back into the park. Closest railing guards the top of the ladder, Farthest one is out on the balcony. See the little hearts cut into the middle rail slats? So CUTE!

The whole thing!

I have the best husband.

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I really do. And sometimes, I just want to tell everyone I know how lucky I am. He's the love of my life, and more than I ever imagined - even in my wildest dreams. Not to say that I didn't think I would end up with someone wonderful - I did. It's just that he's wonderful in ways I never even imagined. My mom used to tell me that God had someone special picked out just for me, and that somewhere he was out there waiting. And I'd roll my teenaged eyes and think, "Whatever." But she was right.

He's my very best friend. I can be silly and stupid and messy and....just myself....with him. He doesn't care if I'm cleaned up or grubby, fat or skinny, happy or pissy....I always know that he loves me. And that he's on my side. And that he'll support me in whatever is important to me. He makes me laugh. He drives me crazy. He still doesn't communicate the way I like to....but we're learning to see some advantages to each others' style and finding some middle ground. I am never bored with him. Ever.

He's kind, and decent, and responsible, and hard working. He is patient. And he is the most amazing father that our little girl could have wished for - and she knows it.

I just wanted to take time out to appreciate one of the biggest blessings that God has ever given to sweetie. Maybe I'm just feeling sappy, but I don't know what my world would be like without him...and I never, ever want to find out.

What I Learned Today.

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Never try to paint a 2-year old's room, when you are home alone with said 2-year old, and have a bad headache.

That is all.

Funny Anna-isims for today...

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Our little angel cracks me up. Here's a few gems from today:

As we snuggle while waking up...
ME: Did you know that snuggling you in the morning is the most favorite part of my day?
ANNA: Yes. My most favorite part of my day is seeing Daddy. (I love that!)

When Daddy gets home....
CURTIS: So, how was your day Anna?
ANNA: My day was great, Daddy. So, how was your day?
....then, 15 minutes later as we sit on the couch together....
CURTIS: So, how was your day Anna?
ANNA: No, Daddy. I already told you how my day was. I'm not telling you again.
GREAT! She's learning her communication skills from her father. "Why are we talking about this? Didn't we already discuss this once?"

Talking to Oma on the phone (we keep trying to prompt her to speak German to Oma)...
ME: (Whispering) Tell Oma "Ich Liebe Dich" (German for I love you).
ANNA: I love you in German, Oma. I love Grandpa in German too.

Interesting thought for me...

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I think perfectionism is based on the obsessive belief that if you run carefully enough, hitting each stepping-stone just right, you won't have to die. The truth is you will die anyway and that a lot of people who aren't even looking at their feet are going to do a whole lot better than you, and have a lot more fun while they're doing it.
- Anne Lamott

So far, so good.

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My new leaf turning is going well so far.

- I have 2 full days of journaling and eating well under my belt (that's BIG for me lately).
- I went for a really long walk with my friend next door today. Good exercise.
- I'm making a steady dent in the laundry, picking up the house, doing dishes and checking things off of my to do list left and right.
- I'm praying. Not as much as I want to be or should be....but trying to keep God first in my mind and heart.

Part of me is a little scared/pessimistic. I feel like I'm feeling good and doing good - but want to keep it up. And I know in the past I get sidetracked and drop one of my balls (so to speak) - and I don't want to this time. Can people really change? I hope so - I'm TRYING HARD!!! Wish me luck!

Marine World...

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....a good time was had by all. Here's a few pics. The three of us went this weekend with my sister, two of my cousins and one of their husbands (the other one is in Louisiana, as he works for State Farm and apparently they have quite a bit of work down there all of a sudden).

Back on the wagon...

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...the Weight Watchers Wagon, that is. And trying to turn over a new leaf (or, tree, as the case may be....maybe orchard better describes it) in my "housekeeping" prowess. Too much at once? The hell you say!

My mom rocks. She and a friend came over last week and spent 2 whole mornings here at my house helping me clear out crap, clutter, closets, etc. We re-arranged furniture, filled 3 HUGE garbage cans with stuff to throw away, and the ENTIRE back of our full size truck (all the way to the camper shell) with stuff to sell at a garage sale. It feels so much better now. I'm trying to stay on top of it - laundry, toys, dishes, etc. I don't know why this is so challenging - because these are all things that I really LIKE to do....but it is. I think I'm just torn in so many different directions that it is hard to stay focused. I start doing laundry, then think - "Crap. I have that graph to get out. I'd better do that." Then when I get to the computer, Anna starts whining about something, and I think, "Crap. I should be spending my time playing with Anna. That's why I'm home." Etc., etc. So, end result is nothing gets done - or some stuff done, but nothing gets done WELL.

But - this is when I'm going to try to change all that. So, my "To Do" list is current (LOVING this software that I got for that) and I'm trying to stay on top of it. Wish me luck! I'll update on how it's going....if I don't get sidetracked first.

To Belle...or not To Belle

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Anna has wanted to be Belle for halloween for about 3 months now. She is always talking about it, telling people that she's going to be Belle, pretending to be Belle, watching Beauty & The Beast, etc.

So, I've been scouting for costumes for over a month. I had my eye on several on eBay, considered making one, looked in the stores...and finally found the PERFECT dress. It's adorable. It will need to be altered a bit, because she's so tiny - but it will be different than the other 100 Belle's out there - so I was happy. That was a week or so ago. Then today, I found the tiara and scepter to go with it, and just as I pressed the submit button to finish committing myself to an insane total price for this complete costume, my daughter uttered the phrase...

I want to be the PINK princess!

Ahhh! I quit!!

Mrs. Grossmans's Sticker Factory

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We had a little playgroup field trip to Mrs. Grossman's sticker factory this week. Daddy was home, so he got to come too. We had such a great time. Everyone gets to bring their dogs to work with them, and they all just roam around the offices, the lobby, on the production floor. It was too cool! The kids had a blast. At the end of the tour, they let us go to a big room full of tables and gave the kids stickers and postcards, and they got to make their own postcards. Here's a few pics!

My favorite pic, of my two favorite people - Anna and my Sweetheart

Angus - the Mrs. Grossman's mascot

Mommy & Anna by the lavender bushes in front (and yes, Anna has a sticker on her forehead).

The Other Shoe...

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...(this could be a post about the mystery of where Anna always hides just ONE shoe out of every pair - but we haven't located that spot yet - and that's not what this is about anyway).

Do you ever feel like things are so good that you're just waiting for the other shoe to drop? I feel like that a lot. Not that my life is perfect...far from. I have more than my share of stress (doesn't everyone), much of it probably self inflicted. I am overweight and out of shape and not happy about it. I have a lot on my plate, and I have struggled with depression. But I am also constantly aware of just how good I have it, in the big picture.

As my Dad is fond of saying, "You don't have to look very far to see people with bigger problems than your own."

In the scheme of things, I am so very blessed. I am married to my best friend, and we genuinely like each other, which I think is sometimes harder than LOVING each other (which we do also - very deeply). We have a very peaceful, supportive, loving relationship. And although we have our tiffs - they never last long. I watch other friends of ours in their relationships, and I see how good we really have it. We have a beautiful, healthy, funny, smart daughter, who lights up our world. We have wonderful families, who, despite the fact that they drive us crazy sometimes (a phrase Anna has now picked up, BTW) are always there when we need them. We have our own home. A roof over our heads. We have luxuries that we surely take for granted. We have food. We have our health. Sometimes, I just get SCARED about that 'what ifs' of losing those things that I have taken for granted for so long, and I feel sad for the people who live without them each day.

Ahhh....I guess I'm feeling sappy tonight. I just don't want to catch myself taking the blessings that I have for granted. I feel like I am supposed to be DOING something with them, and I'm not sure exactly what.

Our Little Supermodel

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For some reason, this picture cracks me up. It just SO doesn't look like Anna. She looks like she's trying to pose on these steps like some supermodel or something. She's much sillier than this in real life. Always the life of the party. Just struck me as funny. But you have to admit - she's pretty cute.

She like to whisper in my ear...."Mommy you're pretty. And I am pretty too."

Playhouse Update

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Another busy weekend working on Anna's playhouse! I'm almost embarrassed to admit how much we've already spent on this thing. But....not really....because we're not extravagant, 'blow money on stuff' kind of people, and this is something that Curtis has dreamed of doing for his kids for as long as I've known him. He wants it to be special, and to last and still be "fun" when she's older too.

So - the beadboard paneling on the walls and ceiling inside is in progress. There will be 4 heart shaped sky lights in the ceiling. The carpeting (indoor/outdoor) for both floors has been bough, but not installed yet. The roof sheathing is on, but the rest of the roof material is not yet. The railings are in progress. Here's a few pics:

Kodi & Anna - chillin' in the bottom floor of the new digs.

My handsome hubby endangering his life to make sure that no errand drop of rain can soil his princess' head.

View out the back window - into the park behind our house.

View out the back window and door (which has yet to be built). Also missing the railing still.

Daddy got busted...

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We were leaving PetSmart the other night, after Rigby's obedience class, and decided to take the boys home some treats. So, as we're standing in the checkout line, Curtis (who is holding Anna) takes note of the slovenly, oaf that is the checker, and leans back and whispers in my ear, "Nice mullet." We had a little snicker.

At which point, Anna (surely used as an instrument of God to humiliate us for making fun of someone) says, very clearly, and VERY loudly,


My mom asked if he heard and was looking at us, and I said, "I have no idea. Neither of us could look at him." It was funny. Thanks for keeping us honest, Boo-bear.

Did you hear the one about the dog who went to Wal-Mart?

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So, at the ripe old age of 2.5 - Anna is writing her own material now. She's into jokes, and tonight, she made up her first, while she and Curtis and I were driving in the car. What she lacks in finesse she makes up for in timing and enthusiasm. She IS her own laugh track. It went something like this....

A: Be quiet. Listen to me. I'm talking. Let me tell you a joke.

Us: OK - tell us your joke (exchanging quizzical looks).

A: How did the dog get to Wal-Mart.

Us: (Still unsure, but amused) Ummm...I don't know. How did the dog get to Wal-Mart?

A: (Barely able to contain herself by now) He went through the Broadway Tunnel! (Now she's laughing and throwing her head back and slapping her leg in hysterics.)

Maybe it needs a little work - but we thought it was perfect. And we really DID laugh out loud. What a crack up. I don't know what we ever did without her, but I know that it is difficult to be around her and not have a smile on your face. She is so much fun, and such a neat person. We're pretty lucky - all around.

Our New Addition...

3:10 PM Edit This 4 Comments » the house. It will be Anna's house....but it looks like it's going to be bigger and better built than our own home. This is what lucky girls with engineers for Daddies get as a 'little playhouse'.

We're VERY lucky girls to have such an amazing man in our lives to love us so much. He's a keeper.


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This is what Anna is starting sentences with now.

"Honey, we really need to go buy some more bananas."

"Honey, would you please hand me my milk."

Ahh...geez. If you're sick of Anna stories, you should probably just tune out of this blog for the next 20 years or so....she cracks me up.

Anna's first hair cut today!

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Well, I finally overcame my fear of cutting Anna's hair (I just LOVE the little ringlet curls and that she's finally GOT some hair) and took her for her 1st haircut.

We went to a 'kids' only place called Lions & Tigers & Hair. It was very cute. They put her up on a booster in the chair. She put the drape on and then decided it impeded her access to the toys that she got to hold in her lap and ditched it. She did great! And when she was done, she got to get glitter sprinkled in her hair and she got a surprise from Mommy. It was fun. My little girl is getting big!

It was just a trim, so no major difference, but here are the before and after pics.


DURING:(Don't mind the hysterical, screaming kid in the background. I told Anna, "He picked a different hair cut than you did.")


"Trust me!"

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This is our favorite new Anna-ism. We have conversations that go like this:

A: Mommy - will you please give me my purple comb.
Me: Your purple comb isn't in here.
A: Yes it is. It's over there.
Me: No, honey. I don't think so.
A: TRUST ME - it's right there!

The sad part is - she's usually right. For the most part we've learned that if she says she sees something, then the SEES something. The girl has much better eye sight than we do.

Also funny this week was:

Me: Come back and sit down to eat your dinner.
A: (Holding up 2 fingers and looking authoritative) - I will come back and eat my dinner in 2 MINUTES.

Such a joy...constant entertainment.

Such a bummer....

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I belong to an internet board that is all moms. We started as a 'pregnancy' group of women with babies due in 2003, and since then have stayed very active and are now a closed community. There are about 100 of us, all across the US and Canada. As amazingly nerdy and reclusive as it sounds, some of the women on that board are very close friends.

But, there can never be a lack of drama. It's always something. I hate drama. And recently some great women have left the board over said 'drama' - which really bums me out. I can't say I blame them for being upset - but I'm selfishly sad that they've left. I hope they come back.

I'm bored...and I should be working

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Meet Chili. A 210lb mastiff and a 10lb Pom weren't enough. Atleast Chili listens to me. You can click him and make him do funny stuff. OK - I'm obviously getting punchy. Time for bed.

adopt your own virtual pet!

Funny Saying My Mom and I Saw Today...

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I smile, because you are my daughter.
I laugh, because there is nothing you can do about it.

We both laughed. I can think of worse mom's pretty great. :D

Bra Shopping

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Anna turned a depressing venture (finding an Over-The-Shoulder-Boulder-Holder big enough for my post lactation mammaries) into such an entertaining time tonight.

While I was trying to struggle into a mammoth contraption (which ended up being too small anyway), silently thanking the man who made the doors on the dressing room low enough to the ground that Anna couldn't immediately dodge under them and run out into the store when I was conveniently half naked...I foolishly succumbed to a false sense of security. When I turned around, Anna had her shirt off, and was putting on MY old bra. Let's just say she's not a 44DD yet. So, thus robed, she proceeded to march around the dressing room and yell, "Grandma!!! Look at my boobies!!!"

Ahhh....good times. And, as neither my mother or I can laugh without peeing our pants at this post-baby traumatized point in our nether regions, I'm sure we made quite a picture laughing, crossing our legs and hunching over with tears streaming down. It's no wonder nobody ventured in to bother us.

Funny Snippets...

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Our boo-bear keeps us constantly entertained. Here's a few recent conversations...

On the way to my cousin Stacy's bridal shower:

A: Are we at the rain?
ME: The what?
A: The rain. Auntie Stacy's Rain?
ME: Ohhhhh....her SHOWER. It's like rain, but different.

While getting a piece of fruit for breakfast:
ME: Would you like a banana?
A: Apple or banana. Those are the options. Pick one. (Oh own oft used words coming back to haunt me.)
ME: So you'd like a banana.
A: That's the deal. Take it or leave it. (OK - I'm just going to quit saying anything from now on....she's like a mini recorder with really bad timing but that redeems herself with awesome snuggles.)

The Aquarium

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We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium this week with our good friends The Romans. Actually, Tracy and I have been friends since I was 2, which makes it about 28 (ummmm....that's a damn long time) years. Their son Anthony is the "coolest" thing in Anna's book. Anything he does, she wants to do. They are so cute together. The aquarium was fun. The tanks are absolutely amazing. They are just huge, and if you stand close, it really feels like you're under water in the middle of all of these huge fish. Really cool.
And of course the otters were adorable.
There was indoor pool at the little hotel we stayed at, and we took the kids swimming that evening. They had a blast. Anna had only been swimming once before - and that was about 2 years ago. She had SO much fun. All in all - a great trip. It was fun hanging out with Tracy and Steve. Anna ADORES her Aunt Tracy.
If she's around, she's rather be with Aunt Tracy over us, half the time. And she and Uncle Steve snuggled up on the hotel bed to watch Thomas the Tank. Too cute.
And when we went to dinner, Anna had her own cocktail. Milk, in a fancy glass, with a twist of lime. I guess you're supposed to take a drink of milk, then then bite the lime (kind of like a tequila shot - but different). At least that's how she was doing it. Eeeewww!!!

The Rigby Haircut Place

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That's what Anna calls PetSmart. Because, that is where we take Rigby to get his haircut. Ahhh....the simple reasoning of a toddler. You can't argue with that. But tonight we took Rigby to "The Rigby Haircut Place" for his first obedience lesson. Curtis has taken to affectionately calling him The Spawn of Satan, so it was time to take action. So far, only 2 other dogs have tried to eat him. (Incidentally, there were only two other dogs in the class.) And we learned some good commands that we may be able to use with Anna as "Leave it!" when they're supposed to leave something alone that is not theirs to destroy. Then, when they (hypothetically) leave said object alone, we're supposed to reward them. I wonder if Anna likes Beggin' Strips....

How I know the maker of my silk aromatherapy eye compress does not have children...

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A silk eye compress
+ A handy zipper on one end
+ No inner sack to hold the aromatherapy schmoo
+ Mommy trying to do something else for 2 nano seconds
= One very Anna-inspired mess

Mommy is poopered...

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Well, I think my Anna-bear is finally getting better from her ear infection, but I'm wiped out. She's been tough to get down at night, but once she's asleep, she has slept until after 9am the past 2 days. That has NEVER happened in the past 2 and half years!!!! But even after all this time, when she sleeps so long in her bed (OK - she only slept until about 6:30am in her bed, then another 2-3 hours in ours, but still...) I wake up thinking, "Is she OK? Should I check on her. Maybe she got hurt and I didn't hear her." What a freaker.

So, it's 12:15 am. I can see Curtis and Rigby are curled up next to me in the bed (our computer is in our bedroom for now). Kodiak is sleeping on the floor behind me, and although I can't see him, I occasionally hear a soft whisper of toxic dog fart before it gases me away from the keyboard. Not to be graphic, but when a 210lb
dog farts, it seriously pollutes the air. But I digress....

It's 12:15 am and I'm working on Kaleidoscope stuff. Ugh. I feel so guilty for getting so behind, but it's so hard to stay focused these days. Oh well....I'm getting caught up. Anyway - enough distractions, I need to finish my IEC update. Good night all. :)

Anna....on Augmentin

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This is what Anna said to me this morning while I was giving her Augmentin (the antibiotics for her ear infection):

"Mommy, I still love you, but I don't like that."

Could she be any cuter?

My little girl is getting married....

7:27 PM Edit This 2 Comments » her Daddy, that is. And with THESE flowers, she tells us, carrying some pretend ones around. What a cutie. She has such an imagination. I told her if she was going to get married, I didn't think there was anyone better than her daddy to marry - I picked him myself. :)

We spent last night at the ER in Roseville, because Anna (we now know) has an ear infection. After we got through triage, the nurse sent us on to the "treatment unit". I told Anna that we were going to find a doctor. She replied, "Is he hiding?" hahaha I love things through her sweet.

Snow Mountain

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Last week my Dad and my little brother (geez....he's almost 16 and he's my "little brother" - can you hear my bones creak) came out for an unexpected visit. I seriously did the happy dance all over the restaurant supply store that we were in when he called and told me that they were coming.

Other than my husband, my Dad is one of my closest friends. Well, my mom too - but they are such different relationships. But my Dad lives in Colorado, and especially now that Anna is here, the distance is hard sometimes. We talk atleast once each day - but I still miss him so much. There are very few people in the world that
understand me as he does. And there are very few people in the world whom I admire and look up to as much as I do him. Well...."very few" is understating, I suppose - he knows me pretty damned well (for better or worse).

Anyway - there was a cabin that we went to every summer when I was growing up that was owned by some family friends. It's at a place called Snow Mountain. It is so removed and quiet. As a kid I loved exploring and finding animals and playing with my friend (more like sister) Tracy (who we always took with us). As an adult, I can see the attraction of the quiet and the peace there. So, we took a visit while my Dad and Will were here. The cabins have been completely rebuilt (since the 1900's ones were lost a few years ago in a forest fire), so it doesn't have quite the same "rustic" charm, but they are beautiful.

It was so special for me to be able to see Anna do all the things with my Dad that *I* did with him when I was a girl. Chase lizards, look at snakes (from a distance, however, for me....and Anna too it appears), watch the deer in the yard, ride the tractor to mow down the weeds with my Dad. It was just such a special time to have up there with him, and I'm so glad that Anna got to share not only in the place, but to share it with my Dad and I. Ahhh....what a sap. Anyway - here's a few pics.