Anna...the Next Food Network Star

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We were on a picnic at Yosemite, when Anna decided she wanted to make a video of her new "recipe". This recipe included Garlic Cheez Whiz, Salami & Ritz Crackers. Despite my dislike of anything that ends in "Whiz", it was a huge leap up from her previous concoction - Garlic Cheez Whiz stuffed Raspberries (which made even HER gag). Bon appetit!

The Pumpkin Princess

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Anna's first pumpkin of the season is now gracing our front porch. The little "thought bubble" was her idea (and execution). It says (in case you need translation): "BOO! Did I scare you? YES!"

Be careful what you say...

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Anna had a field trip today, and I had the FUNNIEST conversation with one of the little girls that rode with us. Funniest EVER. Seriously.

So, we were talking about all the fun stuff they were going to get to do at the pumpkin patch: pick pumpkins, dig potatoes, milk a cow, etc. The following conversation ensued:

ME: So you guys get to milk a cow today!
GIRL: My mommy works for cows.
ME: Oh, you mean she works WITH cows?
GIRL: No, she works FOR cows.
ME: She works FOR cows?
GIRL: Yes. She always says the ladies she works for are a bunch of cows.

I think I deserve a commendation or some kind of medal for not driving off the road while in hysterical fits of laughter. Totally priceless.

Artsy fartsy

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I got to help out in Anna's class today, and they had art while I was there. It was so cute. This week, they are studying Henry Matisse. Last week, they studied Picasso. I was surprised to hear her tell me distinctive things about each artist's style. (Well, she could be totally wrong, I guess - because I don't know Picasso from a piccolo - but it did SOUND very impressive.)

Then, she told me, "If you paint the subject of the painting and the background the same color, you will disrupt the figure-ground relationship of the artwork....which is OK, as long as you KNOW that is what you are doing."

Hmmmm...I am sure there was some intelligent reply to that commentary, but it escaped me in the moment. She sounded so grown up. Funny, funny girl.

The Current Roster of Critters in Our House

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The Planet Song

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Anna's class is learning the planets in Kindergarten. I'm probably supposed to tell her that it's NEPtune, not NECKtune - and MARS, not MARGE (as in Homer Simpson's wife) - but it's too cute to correct for now.

The Pledge of Allegiance

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Anna is learning the Pledge of Allegiance at school. Too cute...