Take me out to the ball game...

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* These pics are actually from Marine World - I was negligent and didn't take any at the game this time.

So, we already have a budding Giants baseball fan here! We went to Friday night's game (...And saw Barry hit HR #758! Whoo hoo!) and had a blast. Mom, Alisa, Anna and I took the ferry over from Larkspur (Curtis walked there from his office and then we all took the ferry home from the game). It delivers you right to the gate in the park, so no parking woes or 5 mile walks. Awesome. Plus a fun (if a little chilly) boat ride. Anna and Grandma spent the whole ride over sitting at the edge, while Grandma taught Anna some nautical terms. Anna seems to love the water, just like her Grandma and Great Grandma Pettit.

At one point during the game, Curtis kept trying to ask Anna something about her day. She seemed to be ignoring him, then finally she turned to him exasperated and said, "Daddy, could you PLEASE stop talking. I am TRYING to watch the Giants game here!"

Happy Birthday To Me

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Both of my loves have kept me smiling all day today. I am so lucky, and blessed.

Curtis hid clues and notes all around the house for me today, with one leading to the next and times to open them. It's like having a whole day of smiles and warm fuzzies planned out for me. I married the most wonderful man in the world. He truly is one of a kind. (Which reminds me of an old 'line', which does not apply here - but still makes me laugh: "You know, when they made you, they broke the mold. Rumor has it they beat the hell out of the mold maker too.") But I digress....

Anna keeps hugging me and jumping on me and telling me "Happy HAPPY Birthday Mommy! I love you SO much! You're the best Mommy I could EVER ask for!" Just melts me... Then, to "Anna" it up, she has also told me:

"Mommy, since it is YOUR birthday today, you can make yourself ANY kind of birthday cake that you want!"

When I told her that Grandma and Alisa were bringing us ice cream sundaes for dessert instead, she said, "Oh. Well, I was hoping for brownies or cupcakes instead."

Anna's Room...finally done.

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We finally finished up the majority of the 'detail' stuff on Anna's room this weekend...thanks to LOTS of help from Aunt Tracy, Grammy Debbie, Grandma & Alisa. We added toy storage, filled some of the corner shelves, built the closet system, moved her clothes up, hung most of the 'art' work, added her flower night light and painted the leaves on it, hung blinds and curtains, put her name on the wall, etc., etc. Here are some pics. The good news...she LOVES the whole thing. Totally, without question, worth it.

Camping with 'Daaaa Bears

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Camping Buddies
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