Oh no, she didn't.

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Heard from Anna today....

Why does swimming make your pee HOT?!!

For the record, I am happy to report that this observation/query was made, NOT from the swimming pool at swim lessons, but going potty on the TOILET when we got home. Yikes - close call.

Beauty Queen in the making.

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I think I’ve created a monster. Long story – but Anna saw these little girl stick on nails at the store, so I bought them for her and she “earned them” by going right to sleep for 5 nights. She finally got them this morning. She is SO pleased with herself. She walks around holding her hand out and looking at it. So funny.

(It's kind of hard to see, but they are glittery little nails with pink and purple hearts on them. They have a "sticker" type rubber cement on the back, so they go on and off easily. They're all ready gone.)

Nobody is going to die.

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Whose idea was is to act as general on this addition myself? What a dumb ass. Yikes. Don't get me wrong. I didn't go into this thinking that the general contractor's don't earn their money. I know they get paid for knowing what the heck they're doing. It's just that we couldn't AFFORD it that way. And there *is* a lot we can do ourselves. But coordinating our portion with the contractor doing the dry-in has been ugly. And the contractor is great - but I am in WAY over my head! But, we'll get there. I have faith that God got us here for a reason, and I'm pretty resourceful. So far, I've been using my "dumb girl" look a lot, quite believably too. hahaha

So, the foundation is done. Met with our wonderful, amazing friends last night who are helping with the plumbing and HVAC stuff to coordinate them. (God bless, Erik & Kelly.) Cut out the floor portions that we needed to clear before the joists could go in until 11pm last night, with Curtis. Floor joists are going in today on the bottom floor. Then we have to do underfloor plumbing, underfloor HVAC ducts and insulation and get them inspected before the subfloor can go on and work can continue. Deep breath. Deep Breath.

Very exciting. Very scary. But, as Curtis reminded me last night....if we don't get it right for an inspection, nobody dies. We just get another inspection. That's my new mantra. "Nobody is going to die." Unless the inspector isn't looking close enough to see what we'll have f'd up on our electrical stuff. hahaha Then, it's a possibility.

Going on a trip!

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A GUILT trip that is. And Anna is packing my bags. This kids is so funny. This is what happened while we were coloring a Father's Day picture for Curtis.

ME: What color paper do you want to use?

ANNA: Blue. Because it's Daddy's favorite.

ME: Ummm...we don't have blue.

ANNA: Then how about green. And then Daddy can talk to Kyle & Kainoah and they can make green his favorite color too, just like theirs.

ME: (laughing) Sure, that works.

ANNA: And I need a pink pen. Because pink is MY favorite color.

ME: Ummmm....we don't have a pink one. But this one is kind of pink (more like red, but maybe I can sell it....?)

ANNA: No mommy, that's not pink. That is more like the color of BLEEDING.

ME: WHAT??!!!

ANNA: The color of bleeding. Because one time, I put my finger in the hinge side of the closet door in the hallway, and you closed it ALL THE WAY, and then it was the color of bleeding.

Oh, dagger to Mommy's heart. Twist.

WARNING: Sappy Post Ahead

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I'm a lucky girl. Seriously, I'm due for a bus to run me over or something. I was raised in a Christian home, and that gave me such a wonderful foundation in my own beliefs and morals. I had a great childhood and my parents are, to this day, two of my very closest friends. I had the benefit of higher education at a great school, which my parents supported 100%. While there, I met the love of my life, and my soul mate, Curtis. He is the most incredible man. He is unfailingly supportive, loving, funny...and he loves ME - just for being me. Even when *I* don't like "me" very much sometimes. And I love him...every little thing about him. He makes my life wonderful, just by being in it. Then, top it all off with Anna Catherine. Sweet, smiling, giggling, joke telling, singing Anna Catherine. We have the most beautiful, cheery, smart, funny little girl in the world.

Does it get any better than this?

Remodel: Form work is done

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Wow - this part is moving pretty quickly. The site work is done. We have a big square hole about 18" deep, the entire size of the addition. This will be the creepy, crawly, bug filled space that only my darling husband will see once the floor joists are in. If all goes well - I will NEVER have to see it. Along the edges of the hole, about every 2 or 3 feet, are ~8 ft deep holes, 16" across.

Now the concrete forms are up, and the rebar is in. The city inspector will come tomorrow and they will pour concrete on Monday, if all goes well! Who hoo!!

Since the back yard is full of holes, Anna and the boys and I are relegated to the front yard for potty runs. Kodi is fine - he likes people and dogs and doesn't need a leash. Rigby is a terror and barks at everything that moves, so he gets his little x-pen. Anna wants to "walk" him on his leash, but I was afraid he was going to lose teeth, so we stopped that for now.

Remodel - Day One

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There's no turning back now! We have a BIG muddy pit in our backyard, and about a dozen 10 foot deep holes. I have asked Curtis to promise NOT to throw Rigby down one of them before they pour, but he's making no promises. It's very exciting, though.

At this moment, we have a jackhammer, a cement hammer drill and a tractor going outside of our bedroom door. I feel like I'm shaking from the inside out, from all of the noise and vibration. Turns out the little cement steps leading out from our bedroom (which have to go) are the strongest structure known to man, and they refuse to budge or be broken. It looks like, after 2 days and 4 guys later, they may be giving up the fight - but not easily.

Here's a few pics from Day #1.



More Anna-isims from lately....

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Last night to my mom when she didn't repeat prayers along with her:
Grandma, sometimes it is important for some people to tell other people how important it is to teach some other people their prayers if the other people don't know them.

This morning to me, when I wasn't cutting out the Hi Kitty Kitty Picture just right:
Come on, Mommy. You have to do it right. Come on. Work with me, kiddo!

The other day, we were eating left over pizza for lunch (culinary genius that I have been lately). Anna ate a few bites and then wandered off. I said, "OK - I'll just feed the rest to the dog." She immediately protested. "No! No!" A few minutes later, Curtis found her empty plate in front of the dog kennel. He asked where he pizza went, and she said, "Mommy told me to feed it to the dog!"