Our Van Halen Concert Mastercard Commercial

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"Obstructed View" tickets to see Van Halen's reunion concert, that they actually stayed together long enough to do .........$50 each.

Getting your "Obstructed View" tickets exchanged by the arena staff for lower level, side stage, front row tickets just before the show starts....FREE (and a huge stroke of luck).

Realizing that the crowd at this concert (the band included) was made up of two populations - 'Old People' and 'Older People'..........Crushing, but still free.

Not knowing which population you belong to in the aforementioned groups......Painful, but still free.

Having to watch this guy dance with no shirt on....$135/week in therapy bills for an undeterminded amount of time.

Going to this concert with your MOM, who griped about you listening to this kind of music all through hiugh school, and getting to surprise Alisa, who thought we were going fabric shopping....VERY nearly priceless.

Seeing your mom blush when the guy sitting next to her tries to pass her a lit joint, and hearing her say, ""What's that? Pardon me? I can't hear you...? Oh, my goodness! NO thank you!!!" ..............SOOOOO CLOSE to priceless.

Going on a date to a concert in the same place where you went on a 'first date' to an AC/DC concert nearly 12 years ago......and with the same guy (who you are still head over heals in love with)........ABSOLOUTLEY PRICELESS.

Two Peas in a Pod...

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Anna has been sleeping in our bed for a few nights, while she was pretty sick. I stayed up to get some stuff done the other night, and when I finally came to bed, this is what I saw. It made me smile to see them lying there in perfectly mirrored sleeping positions, all snuggled up. So sweet, my loves...