Our plans are....

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Yeah!! We are so excited. Our plans for our addition are approved, we have our funds (well - I'm SURE we'll fall short...we we'll see how that goes) and we're ready to go! I'm taking the final plans to our contractor today, and hopefully we'll get started in the next few weeks!!!

Wish us luck!!!

What a personality...

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This will be...for a change...a post about Anna.

Last night, Curtis asked her a question, and she made this serious little face, and puckered up her mouth and put her finger to it (think Mike Meyers in Austin Powers) and said, "Hmmm...let me think." Then, she proceeded to tap her forehead with her index finger saying, "Think. Think. Think."

We just about rolled off of the bed laughing.

How Do Horses Kiss...?

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For the record - they rub cheeks with you. They do. Seriously. Trust me. What? Well...Because I SAID so, and I'm the Mommy!

My Sweetie....

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I had a date with my love tonight. It was a "Parent's Night Out" fundraiser for Relay for Life, and Anna got to hang out at a local pre-school with all of her friends from 5pm - 9pm. We asked her what she did, and she said, "I played with Dar...my BEST FRIEND Dara." So sweet.

Well - we had made plans with "Best Friend Dara's" folks, but they rudely and inconsiderately flaked on us. (Ha ha ha - I hope you're reading this Kel. :-) Gotcha.) Anyway - Curtis and I had the whole evening to ourselves and it was great.

We went and saw Mission Impossible 3, which, despite the fact that I could not get past what an asshat Tom Cruise is in real life, was pretty decent. Then we had a quick bite to eat at Applebees and chatted about our upcoming construction endeavors. (BTW - our permit is allegedly APPROVED!!! Whoo hoo!!) It was just a nice, uneventful evening, just "us". My husband is awesome. He's kind, sexy, considerate, hard working, loyal, funny - and he loves me. What more could a girl ask for? And, with our 10 year 'dating' anniversary behind us, and our 9 year 'marriage' anniversary coming up this year - we still LIKE eachother....which can't be said for everyone these days. We're very, very blessed - and we know it.

Overheard in our house this week...

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More priceless gems from Anna:

Curtis: (Walking into the room, talking to Anna) Hi Sweetie!
Anna: Will you PLEASE stop arguing with me!!!
(Mommy got busted. Come one - it was a rough day!)

(You remember, those little pink, plastic farm animal sets? Yup - one of THOSE piggies. Yeah, we haven't lost the little, tiny, 3/4" tall plastic piggy in our house a BILLION times by now, really.)
Anna: Mommy, this is my little Piggy. He is going to sit right here while I go potty.
Me: Oh, OK. Hi there Piggy! How's it going?
Anna: (Giving me the "you're dumber than you look" look). He's plastic. Plastic pigs don't talk. They just have pretend mouths.

(This, said to either of us after we have tried more than 3 times, unsuccessfully, to decipher what Anna is saying.)
Anna: *SIGH* *HUFF* You're just never understanding me!
(I thought she'd be atleast 13 before we had to hear that one.)

Anna: Mommy, I love you!
(Yeah, totally melts me. Even if she does usually say it right after she does something she knows she shouldn't have. At least the girl knows how to work a crowd, huh?)

Single handedly setting back the women's movement....

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....this so cracks me up. This is NOT my child. Well - OK, she is. And I secretly like to iron...it's kind of relaxing. It's not fun when I'm rushed - but when it's late at night and I have a week's worth of soaps Tivo'd - I don't mind.

Several times now, while I am ironing, Anna has said that SHE wants an iron. And not just any iron, a pink one, and SMALLER. It was harder to find than you might think. But I finally found one. And it came today. She was THRILLED. She hasn't stopped ironing since. Such a funny girl. We wouldn't trade her for anything. (Plus, when she gets a little older - we can use her as sweat shop labor and open up our own laundry service.)

A little song from Anna....

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....that MY mom used to sing to me.

You Are My Sunshine


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Lately, every time Anna does something that she knows she shouldn't, or has to apologize or explain herself, it is quickly followed with a "...but....". "I'm sorry for jumping on the bed, but I just wanted to jump there!" So, I've been cutting her off after "I'm sorry" and saying "No more buts!"

So when we picked Rigby up today from the groomer, he was scratching my legs in the car. I said, "Rigby's nails are sharp now, but he's all soft and clean." Anna quickly shouted, "No more buts! I don't want to hear any more buts!"

What's a girl to do? I just laugh.

Too many award shows...?

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Anna was trying to convince me to let her wear a new shirt that I wanted to save for a 'dress up' occasion for her. After several unsuccessful attempts, she finally said,

"...but Mommy, it would be a really big honor if you let me wear this beautiful shirt today."

I let her wear the shirt.

Where does she get this stuff? Such a crack up!

Mommy's Little Princess...

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...The only problem is, Kodi thinks it's HIM!

He has silently taken custody of Anna's princess couch, when she's not around. He knows better than to do it when she's awake, or she'd have an unholy fit.

Then again...maybe she DOES know, and she'd getting even with him by decorating his butt with Care Bear stickers while he sleeps. Ahhh...it's a thin line between love and hate.

How to get a decent picture of a 3 Year Old

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Best Dilbert Ever

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This cracks me up...

Apology to follow...

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Life has been crazy lately. I always feel so lame saying that though, because, really, when isn't it? And who else's life isn't the same way? We all have a lot going on. Life happens. All in all - this is a good thing. I don't have a lot to complain about. I have a home, my health, the most wonderful man in the world by my side, the smartest, sweetest child I could dream of.

I've been feeling bad for 'neglecting' some important people in my life - friends (near and far), loved ones, etc. I just don't feel like I've had the time to DO anything about it - and then I feel like a flake for not MAKING the time. Ahhh...vicious cycle.

So - if you've been on the losing end of my "crazy life" - I apologize. You're still important. (Well - odds are that's true. There could be people reading this who I could care less about, but the odds aren't THAT good....so, if you aren't sure, then just live in ignorant bliss.) ha ha ha I promise to try to get more productive here very soon. Hang in there with me. :D

Overheard in our house...

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ANNA: I want to see Grandma.
ME: Grandma is on a work trip. She's in Eureka.
ANNA: (Looking skeptical.) WHERE is Grandma?
ME: She's in Eureka.
ANNA: Ohhhh, Grandma is in MY REKA!!!
(turning circles looking all over her body)
Where is MY REKA?