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Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan
So, we finally got around to seeing this movie - even though it has been out for a long time. I wanted to see it, and I had heard good things, but I just wasn't expecting that much.

Oh. My. Goodness. Funniest damned thing EVER. We laughed so hard...start to finish. A definite must see. Hilarious - in a very sick, twisted, "I probably shouldn't be laughing at this" kind of way,


Eat. Pray. Love.
This was a GREAT book. It wasn't what I usually really enjoy - a little bit too 'introspective' for me, from the sound of it. But it was FANTASTIC! I loved it. I will definitely read it again someday - probably getting different things from it at different times in my life. Anyway - HIGHLY reccommend.

Once again....

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....she has a point.

Anna has been having lots of fun with her pink measuring tape from her tool box. She measures all sorts of things. So, the other day, we had the following conversation:

A: This is one inch short.
B: You mean tall.
A: No, it is one inch short.
B: Yes, but the way you say that is 'One inch tall'.
A: Well, no. One inch is not very tall at all, so you should say one inch short.

Anna: 1
Mommy: 0

R.I.P. Birthday/Christmas/Holiday/Schmittoberfest Season

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Yet another 'busy season' survived by me...amazing. The period starting with Schmittoberfest, and spanning Thanksgiving, three Christmas celebrations, two New Year's Eve parties, three January of which (Anna's, of course) involved FIVE parties, etc. is what I think of as my "busy season". Each year I think it is going to kill me. Each year it comes a little closer to actually DOING that. :) But it is all self inflicted, and lots of fun - so I am only half complaining. We'll have one last big bash this weekend at our The "Niners Didn't Make It, But At Least The Raiders & The Cowboys Didn't Either" Superbowl Party. Then, Mommy goes into hibernation for the Spring. I'm already laying on my fat layer in preparation. So far, so good.

More Anna-isims...

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This morning, Anna overheard some talk show talking about Aligator shoes, and she said, "I think they mean Crocks. Like your pink ones. Because they are talking about aligator shoes."


Just after that, a commercial came on that said Levitz is having a big clearance sale, because ALL STORES ARE CLOSING! She asks, "Why are they closing? Are they going on vacation?" I said, "No, they are closing forever; going out of business." Immediately, I can see the panic in her eyes - so I am confused. Then, she say, "But where will we buy TOYS if ALL of the stores go out of business FOREVER!??!!" I clarified that just the FURNITURE store is going out of business forever. I got a big, "WHEW! Well, then that's OK. I thought you meant the fun stores."

Recent Anna-isims...

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While standing in line at the pharmacy, after an ER visit for a crying little girl with a very painful ear infection:

"Mommy when we get home, let's turn on the air conditioning. I already know it's cold outside, but I heard the doctor when he said I have a hot ear."


While the three of us were laying on Mommy & Daddy's bed saying prayers - and Rigby kept on jumping on me and would NOT get off. I asked Anna, "Why do you suppose YOUR dog insists on standing on ME!?" Well, this is a case of, 'don't ask the question unless you REALLY want to hear the answer...

Anna replied, "I think it's because you're as squishy as your were when I was in your tummy. You're squishy, so it feels comfortable on Rigby's feet. Mommy, we should see about how to get you not so squishy. Then Rigby wouldn't want to stand on you."


But, to make up for that LAST one, every time I get dressed and pu tmy make up on, Anna has started doing this thing where she stops, pretends that her jaw fell open and she has to pick it up with her hands, and stares at me. Then she says, "I'm doing that because you look SOOO beautiful, Mommy!" Yeah, it's OK if she calls me squishy.