First Day of Kindergarten

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*sigh* Yup - finally here. And yes, there were tears. (You probably guessed it - mine, not Anna's.) I did however hold off until I got back home. Do I get partial credit for that?

It was actually a near miss, because Curtis and I have both had a nasty cold with fevers and the whole deal...and Anna started getting it yesterday. We patched her up as well as we could for today, and she seemed to be doing OK. We didn't want to miss the FIRST day of school.

She was excited this morning. She did say that she was a little nervous. When I asked about what, she said, "That I won't know how to do my homework." So sweet.

Daddy stayed home this morning so we could all go together and see her off. We were both so proud of her. I think she's going to have a blast! Here are (way too many) pics from this morning:

Latest Anna-isms...

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As we get ready for Anna to start Kindergarten next week, we have been chuckling over a few of her recent comment. Some of them are obviously influenced by the games that she and her engineer Daddy play. They are so cute together.

CURTIS: What's 1+1
ANNA: 2.
CURTIS: What's A+B?
ANNA: Zero - those aren't numbers. (eye roll)
CURTIS: What is A+B if A=1 and B=2
(I laughed and started to say, "Honey, she's only FIVE!" when Anna interrupted me)
ANNA: That's 3. Duh! (bigger eye roll)

I don't know if I should be impressed or scared.
CURTIS: What is 3x1?
CURTIS: What is 3x2?
ANNA: Ummm...6
CURTIS: What is 3x3?
ANNA: Uh, Daddy, I think you mean 3 squared.

It took me a second to realize that she was actually right.
We were doing a MadLibs (remember those?) in a restaurant, and I was explaining each blank (adverb, adjective, etc,) So, when we got to a noun, I said, "A noun is something you can pick up or touch." Anna corrected me and said, "Actually, a noun is a person, place or thing, Mommy."