Anna's First Communion

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We celebrated Anna's first communion today. She was so excited. We had several visitors come to celebrate with us, including Pete & Charlie, our longtime friends and my pastor growing up. The last time we saw them was when Charlie sang at our wedding, so it was a great day for a reunion! God bless you, Anna Catherine!

"One small step for man..."

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Actually, one BIG step for a Small Man! Zach started walking today! He keeps pulling himself up on the bench and then staggering to fall into my arms. He's so flippin' proud of himself, all puffed up and smiling. Way to go, Big Boy! 10 months old yesterday, and already on the move! Film at 11. ;)

Man Eater

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I was listening to BOB 96.7 this afternoon in the car. Their motto is "We'll play anything" - apparently including a little old school Hall & Oats - Maneater. I wasn't paying too much attention until Anna asked, as we walked into the house, "Who IS coming anyway, and why is she going to eat a man?!" I had to think for a second to figure out what she was talking about. Funny GIRL!

We should call her the Queen of Literal. Case in point...never say to Anna, "...a few" of something. If you do, you will be drawn unwittingly into a loooong conversation about, "Did you mean two things? Or three things? So, should I take two? If I take two, that would be a few. But three would be a few too... So is it two?" By the time you finally lose it and say, "YES ANNA!" She quietly asks, "So, was that a YES for two or a YES for three?" It's a good thing she's so cute.

And for the heck of it, try explaining those Maneater lyrics to a 7 year old. Yeah....good times.