Sparkle Princess Camp Final Performance

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Birthday party fun...

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Lots of fun with Snow White at a birthday party today!

Tummy Bug, 2 - Anna, 0

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We all survived multiple rounds of a tummy bug over the past few weeks. Not fun stuff! At one point, the only place Anna was comfortable, we with her head laying on the toilet to that she was there in case she got sick. She actually fell asleep there, and didn't want me to move her. Poor baby! Happy to say we're over it now (knock on wood) - but it made for these pathetically cute pics.

Anna Catherine's Dance Recital

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Click to play 2008 Dance Recital
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Just to clarify...

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No - we're not pregnant, much to Anna's disappointment. But maybe one of these days we'll head down that road again. But for now - no. :) My last post caused a few excited emails! Sorry. :)

Someone had 'The Talk' with Anna

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At least - that's what I am guessing. She is still hounding us about 'a baby in mommy's tummy'. She's tired of waiting. She used the phrase "brother AND sister" the other day, and I corrected her and said, "brother OR sister - mommy is only going to have ONE baby in her tummy". So she whispers something to Curtis, and it made him laugh so hard that he actually rolled and fell off of the bed...still laughing.

When I asked him later what she whispered, it was, "Daddy, can you have an accident so that mommy has TWO babies in her tummy?" I want to know what kid in her class had 'babies' explained as an accident.