Funny Anna-isims Lately...

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"Mommy, when I am a grown up, and I marry Daddy, can I have a married picture like the married picture of YOU and Daddy when you got married?" Awww....our little Priness has already found the best Prince Charming ever...her own Daddy. She has great taste.

After I commented to her that she is going to be a great big sister, while she was taking care of her new 'Baby Alive'... She said, "Actually, I am going to be a great grown up, because I won't pick my nose." WTF? Curtis and I totally failed in our attempts not to laugh outloud at that.

Singing a song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but not QUITE enunciating all of the words correctly: "Shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake your PEENUS!!!" Now, it's about an elephant, and I believe that the word is supposed to be PEANUTS, but judging by the chuckles we got from passerbys in Lowes, I don't think that's what it sounded like to everyone else. And Curtis didn't help matters by replying, "Ya know, if you shake it more than twice...."

Spring has sprung.

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Take a deep breath. Count to ten.

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We should count ourselves lucky that SO FAR the addition has gone smoothly. Now, a few hiccups. Like trying to get the plumbing done. We have a friend of a friend doing most of the plumbing. And, while he is the nicest guy in the world, and really knows his stuff - I think he is WAY overcommitted and it's hard to get him to show up. So, while we are VERY appreciateive of his's also a little frustrating.

Last night, after showing up at 10pm, 2.5 months late (yes, I meant MONTHS), to install the tub 48 hours before it HAD to be done so the drywall can start, and waking up Anna in the process, he determined that there is a problem with the tub, and that we would need to try to return it (5 months after purchase and with NO packagine left) and buy a new one, and install it ourselves sometime the next night after Curtis gets home from work. If we were going to do it ourselves, why did we have to wait FIVE FREAKING MONTHS!!?? *sigh* Oh well....we're getting closer.

On the upside, if we CAN get the tub installed tonight, drywall starts tomorrow morning at 8! Whoo hoo!!!

Names have been changed to protect the innocent...

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...or easily embarassed, anyway.

This weekend, Anna was adoring a sweet little baby of a 'friend' of ours (as she does anywhere she sees one now), and happened to see her nursing. Her face went from smiles and soft cooing to shock and alarm, and then she exclaimed,


How soon they forget.