Nothing beats...

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...sleepy snuggles. Anna wakes up early almost every morning and sneaks up to the edge of the bed, where Zach has usually fallen asleep after his last feeding and is snuggled up next to me, and says, "Can I come snuggle now?" She carefully crawls in behind him and snuggles right up next to him without moving him and dozes back off. So sweet...they just melt my heart. What did we do to deserve so many blessings? :)

Bedtime prayers

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Every night before bed, Anna and Curtis and I (and now Zach) pile into her bed for prayers. We read a kids devotional that we have used for about 3 years now. Then we all say prayers together.

Over the years, our bedtime prayers have gone through many iterations. We started with the traditional "Now I lay me down to sleep..." (Although, we did opt for the less morbid version than the one that both of US grew up with; "If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take" is swapped for "Angels watch me through the night, And wake me with the morning light.") Then we did The Lord's Prayer for awhile.

Right now, we all take a turn saying a prayer with at least one thing we are thankful for that day. Anna always wants to say Zach's prayer for him. She prays, in this tiny little voice (which is what she thinks Zach would sound like if he could talk?) "Dear God, Thank you for such a great big sister!"

I asked her once, "Hey, isn't he thankful for his great Mommy and Daddy too?" She replied, "He might be, but that's not what he's praying for tonight." Funny girl... :)

Questions you never thought you'd ask...

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I often find myself uttering phrases or questions that, before having children, I never imagined would pass my lips. There are some that I just swore I would never use, on principle. (Yes, I admit to having spoken the dreaded "because I said so"...more than once.) And there are some that were never even on my radar. Today's question was never even on my radar...

"Anna, why is your dog pink?"

Incidentally, the answer was owing to the amazing properties of pink sidewalk chalk, and what a Pomeranian can do if he rolls in an abandoned hop scotch game. Although she swears it was not planned...Anna did seem awfully pleased to have a pink dog. Hmmm...suspicious.

Meet Zachary Charles!

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I'm behind on blogging...but I have a doctor's note. :) Since I've been gone, we added a new member to the family!

Zachary Charles was born on April 2nd at 4:59pm. He weighed 8lbs, 14oz and was 21 inches long at birth. It was a muuuuch rougher birth than our first time around, but of course it was worth the effort. He is SO much fun. He's a mellow boy. He spends most of his days sleeping, nursing, nursing, nursing, peeing on us when we try to change his diaper, nursing and sleeping (in about that proportion). All three of us are having a great time with him.

Now that I have THAT caught up, I can go about my regularly scheduled posting without feeling like I left something out of order.