The Magician

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Anna devised this "trick" and wanted me to video tape it for her, in her never ending quest to get on America's Funniest Home Videos. Abra cadabra!

Anna's Offering...

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Anna has three piggy banks: one for God, one for college and one for 'surprises' (toys). She actually came up with that idea on her own quite awhile ago. Well, this weekend, we were going to church, and Anna said she wanted to take her "For God" piggy bank and give it in the offering. I said, "Sure..." and got her a big ziplock bag to empty it into. (She had $28.02 saved up in there!)

She then took a Sharpie, and said she was going to write her name on it, so God would know who it was from. When I came back, this is what she had written:

"To God. From Anna.
I love you Kodi & Mariah."

Kodi is our dog that died this year, and she often talks about him being up in heaven now. And Mariah is my mom's dog that died 2 years ago. She wanted God to tell them that she loves them, or 'just show them the note if he wants to.' She also turned the "o" in "God" into a picture of Kodi, and wrote his name next to it, so God would know what he looked like to find him, to show him the note.

It was so sweet, it made me cry. OK, honestly, I am so pregnant and hormonal right now, the right BEER commercial can make me cry, but still. Pretty cute...

19 Week Ultrasound Pics

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Baby Bump is growing in there. The three of us went to see Baby at our 19 week U/S. Anna was thrilled. They must be learning anatomy in Spanish class, because she kept trying to name all of baby's parts in Spanish, and the tech was helping her. She even labeled one pic in Spanish for Anna to take to school to show her Spanish class. Baby was moving and grooving (legs closed and ankles crossed, not that we were peeking) and even sucking it's thumb in one of the pictures below. 20 weeks to go!


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Grandma bought Daddy two tickets for the Niners game this weekend, for his birthday. We bought one more ticket, so that Anna could go too, since she has been asking if we could go to "a real football game" someday. Unfortunately, Grandma and Alisa couldn't go at the last minute, but the three of us went.

It was HOT there! This is mid-November! Did California not get the memo? It was over 80 degrees in San Francisco, and we were sitting in Candlestick, with no wind, and no shade, BAKING in the sun. Anna finally resored to melting ice cubes on her face to stay cool. She and I both had out sweatshirts draped over our heads and one shoulder to try to keep the sun off.

But, the upside it, going in at 2-7, our hopes weren't high. And, miracle of miracles, we WON! Actually, we kicked ass. Now, that has as much to do with the Rams just sucking harder than we do, than it does any REAL skill on our part - but hey, we'll take it. So, it was a fun game. We ate cotton candy and licorice and drank LOTS of lemonade (beer for Daddy), before Anna crashed and passed out. She curled up in a little ball face down on her seat and went to sleep. Too cute...

Go Niners!!! Playoffs here we come!!! (Well, not THIS year, but I'm sure - just by law of averages - someday we'll get there again, so I'm going to start cheering early, just in case.)

Latest Anna-isms...

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Some recent funnies from Anna:

Aunt Tracy loooong ago taught Anna that good things come in small packages. Most notably, little tiny boxes usually have jewlery in them. So, after visiting Aunt Dani the other day, Anna remarked, "I think Aunt Tracy has given Aunt Dani LOTS of little boxes, because Aunt Dani has lots of jewlery." I had to break the news that Aunt Tracy, although very cool, is not the Jewlery Fairy, and all jewlery in the world does NOT necessarily come from her.


We made rolled baked sandwich things the other day for lunch. We thought if we let Anna choose her fillings, she's eat it. So, she picked salami & cheese. And then refused to eat it when it was baked.

I caved and offered to fix her something else. Browsing the fridge, we had the following conversation:

ME: How about salami slices?
ANNA: Yeah!
CURTIS: How about some cheese?
ANNA: Yeah. OK, wait a minute Daddy. I KNOW what you are thinking. I see where you are headed with this, and I am NOT eating that sandwich.


While talking to Grandma about how old they both were, Grandma said, "Well, I am young at heart. My body thinks I am old, but my head knows that I am young." Anna replied, "Um, Grandma, I think your body may be right on this one."


Anna had been thrashing around all evening, jumping and dancing and being goofy. Curtis and I were torn between being amused and annoyed. After one particularly window rattling crash, she looked up to she if she was in trouble, and when Curtis and I just looked at her, she said, "Yeah, that move needs a little work."

Stupid Gecko

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I am strangely annoyed by the fact that the Stupid Geico Gecko has been given a new voice, that has a much heavier accent is is difficult to understand. What was wrong with the original annoying voice, and why am I so bothered by this. Is it just me?

Further clarification...

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I just realized, upon reviewing some old blog entries, that my last "pregnancy" post was clarifying that we are NOT pregnant. And that at some point I probably should have updated that here...but I think most of you that read this know already.

So, for the record, we ARE pregnant now. I sent out a family email awhile back that had a Top Ten List included. Enjoy...

Top Ten Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Yes, seriously.
  2. About 18 weeks right now.
  3. Yes, it was on purpose.
  4. April 9th, 2009.
  5. A little bit of morning sickness, but otherwise great.
  6. She can hardly WAIT to be a big sister.
  7. Yes, it will be a boy or a girl.
  8. No, we won’t find out ahead of time.
  9. No names yet, but we wouldn’t admit it if we did anyway. :)
  10. No, that doesn’t mean the house is finally finished (we wish).

Halloween 2008

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This year, Anna became...The Pink Poodle!

It was very cute. We were a little concerned about how trick-or-treating would go. In all the years prior, Anna has dressed up as a ballerina or a flower fairy or a princess - all things that have fairly UNINSULATED wardrobe requirements.

But this year, the pink poodle. The pink poodle costume was warm, furry, fuzzy, and had head-to-toe Halloween endurance written all over it. I was concerned that we wouldn't have our usual "I'm cold - let's go home now" after two houses. Well, we didn't, but her feet did give out before ours did (not by much though). The rain held off and we all had fun. Until next year...

Anna and Sam, sitting in a tree...

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Heaven help us. Get the shotgun out. Anna has a boyfriend.

*sigh* I wasn't ready for this YET. But it is pretty funny and cute. There is a little boy in Anna's class who just adores her. I think the feeling is mutual, but she did say that he is "way too silly to marry". He's in love with her. She loves him too, and she also sits next to him at lunch so that he can open all of her things for her.

Yesterday at the Halloween party, after watching them play musical chairs at the snack table just so they could sit together, her teacher said, "Do you hear abut Sam at all?" Seriously?! He's ALLL we hear about. :) Then her other teacher said that she was talking to his aunt the other day, and their conversation reportedly went something like this:

(After having said something about a girl in his class)
Aunt: Is that your girlfriend?
Sam: No - I only have one girlfriend. That's Anna.
Aunt: Well, what do you like about Anna?
Sam: She's the coolest girl in the whole world. She's so cool. She's the prettiest girl in school. And she's lost more teeth than me!

Ahhh...the perspective of a five year old. At what age, do you think, does it become UNcool to have lost more teeth than your date?