Target practice, anyone?

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I swear, we couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried. Anna and I went to the Dollar Store today and bought a whole bunch of coloring books for the kids to play with at Schmittoberfest tomorrow. I was tearing out all of the individual pages when I came across this picture. I did a double take and then held it up for other opinions. We all came to the same conclusion independently…it looks like My Little Pony Target Practice! Maybe this is why it make the Dollar Store cut? Hahaha

Happily Ever After...

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9 years ago today I married my best friend, the love of my life, the most amazing, wonderful man in the whole wide world. Our wedding favors said this:

Today I married my best friend...
The one I laugh with..
Live for...
Dream with...

So true. We're pretty darned blessed to have the marriage, and the relationship, that we do. We like each other, love each other, laugh with each other (and sometimes at each other), respect each other, have fun with each other. If I had it to do allllll over again...I wouldn't change a thing.

Ich liebe dich, immer, Sweetie!!!


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It's been awhile since I've blogged. The start of pre-school heralded the arrival of the perpetual illness. Anna-cold. Me-cold. Mom-cold. Mom-pneumonia. Me-another cold. Anna-ear infection. Me-bronchitis & walking pneumonia'. Then, just for kicks - Me *AND* Anna - stomach bug everywhere. Ugh! Hopefully we'll be on the mend soon.

I had to note this conversation from last night before I forget though....Anna is SO funny.

So, Anna was playing with some 'sand toys' in the bathtub, and decided she wanted them to sleep with her. No biggie. So, she took the blue dolphin, yellow walrus and the pink sea horse to bed when we were tucking her in. I started to "lecture" her that her sand toys would only be able to stay in bed if they don't keep her awake. If she goes to sleep, they can stay, but if she is playing with them and they keep her awake, then....

At this point she interrupted me and said,

"Actually, Mommy, I think it's your talking that is keeping me awake."

We both had to make a quick exit before she saw us laughing. What a riot.