My latest cake

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My family and I just got to do a baby shower for my cousin. It was so fun. It's exciting to have another baby coming into the family! This is Anna's second cousin (Avery was her first) and we are all very excited. So, here are a few pics from the shower...mostly of my latest cake, and our pretty little girl. It was a 22 hour labor (no pun intended) of love. I wasn't thrilled with all of it, but overall, it turned out OK. I think my cousin was happy, and that she felt special and pampered on her day - and THAT is what mattered most to all of us.


Chris said...

Gorgeous cake. You have such patience! I've never had a baby shower... I think I'll have to make up for that by throwing my kids some awesome showers when they have their own kids some day!

Leigharev said... made the cake?! Bek, get out the business cards now! ALso, you need to read the book, "Eat Cake" by Jeanne Ray. It is right up your alley.