Everyone should have an Aunt Tracy

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When Anna was little, Aunt Tracy was the coolest source of all things girly and pretty and sparkly. She was the very first person to teach Anna about "little boxes". Every girl knows that good things (like, oh, say JEWELRY) comes in little boxes. So, Anna took to this lesson well. But she eventually began to believe that Aunt Tracy was the source of EVERYONE'S jewelry. She even commented to me once, Aunt Dani must have been visiting Aunt Tracy a lot, because she has a lot of pretty jewelry.

So, when Zach was born, we wondered what Aunt Tracy would teach ZACH, since she did such a good job teaching Anna to appreciate jewelry. Without missing a beat, she said, "I'm going to teach Zach how to BUY pretty jewelry." Well, it looks like he has already taken her sense of sparkle to heart, as he has become seriously attached to the beaded purse Aunt Tracy brought Anna on her last visit. He carries it all around the house with him, all day long. And I know what will make her the proudest when she sees these pictures...his outfit is COLOR COORDINATED with his purse! Way to go, Aunt Tracy! ;)