Karate Kid

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A few months ago, Anna started karate lessons at our friend and neighbor's karate school in town here (Sonoma County Martial Arts). We weren't sure what to expect going into this, for a number of reasons. First, Anna is allll girly girl, and I didn't know if she would go for an activity that didn't involve pink or glitter in the uniform. Second, she has not really wanted to stick with any of the sports that we have tried so far. We've just been trying lots of things so she can see what she likes, but nothing has "stuck" yet. And we have tried a LOT of them...soccer, softball, basketball, gymnastics, dance, etc. Usually, the conversation after the practice/game/event goes like this:

ME: Great job! You are getting a lot better at XYZ now that you are practicing/learning!
ANNA: Thanks! I feel like I'm getting good at this!
ME: It looked like you were having fun!
ANNA: YEAH!!! I was!
ME: That's great!
ANNA: Yeah!
ME: Great, we'll sign up for this again next season!
ANNA: No, thanks.

I have pushed the issue just once, thinking that once she got past her perfectionism (Where in the WORLD does she get that anyway? How annoying.) she would enjoy it more. That was with soccer, and I decreed that she WOULD play a second season, just so she could see how she liked it now that she knew what was going on. The resulting happy, chipper little voice saying, "Well, when we play soccer, because you're forcing me to..." made me cringe. (Don't get me wrong, I'm still forcing her now...I just made her think it was her choice.)

But then came Karate. Our friend finally got me to squeeze it into our too busy schedule, and Anna fell in love. Tuesdays start with happy squeals from her bedroom, "It's KARATE DAY!". She practices at home. Then, after finally earning her first belt the other day, her thrill turned to gloom and we had this conversation:

ME: What's up? You were all happy a minute ago?
ANNA: I'm sad for when karate is going to be over.
ME: What do you mean? We'll have it again next week.
ANNA: I know, but when does Karate Season end?
ME: Ohh! There is no Karate Season. You just keep going and earning belts.
ANNA: Forever?
ME: Yes.
ANNA: When do you have to stop?
ME: You don't have to stop.
ANNA: Isn't a black belt the highest there is?
ME: Ummm...sounds right. ???
ANNA: So, after your black belt, you have to stop then.

*sigh* This went on for awhile. I think she's convinced that there is no Karate Season, but only AFTER she asked Mr. Herb. ;) I guess I have no Karate credibility. Anyway...for now, she's having fun and learning a lot!


Amy said...

I say that pink shoes count as pink in the uniform... The only thing better would be pink GLITTER shoes!

As for belts... I BELIEVE there are different degrees of black belt (at least there are in TKD) so she can just keep going! And THEN she can become an instructor! There! She's all set for life!