's been awhile.

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Not much time for blogging these days, thanks to our adorable little Wrecking Ball (Zach). If I even *think* about any quality time at the computer, he unloads the dishwasher, steals Curtis' keys from his desk drawer and replaces them with a wadded up cheese stick, climbs the stairs (or the kitchen table), opens the front door or plays "lets make mud pies" in the dog's food and water ball. But while Curtis is herding kids for a few minutes, I am trying to write down these Anna funnies before I forget them (which I'm likely to do, due to severe sleep deprivation and general battiness at this stage). And yes, I'm TOTALLY going to miss this someday...I know.
Anna is obsessed with MEAT these days. She's quite the little carnivore. This summer, she made the discovery of sausage and bacon, and so now anytime she sees a pig, she squeals "I LOVE TO EAT PIG!" *sigh* I don't know if I should be proud or embarrassed. A little of both, maybe. So, she has also taken to saying, "Yummy! VENISON!" anytime we see deer.

Yesterday as we were leaving a friend's house after dropping off dinner, we saw several deer in their yard. The conversation went something like this:

CURT: Yeah, but we can't shoot those kind of deer anyway, because they don't have antlers, and they're girls.
ANNA: Why don't you hunt the girls?
BEK: Because if you hunt all the girls, they won't be able to have babies and make more deer and we'll run out of deer. (As it comes out of my mouth, I already know what's coming next, but it's too late...)
ANNA: But don't you need boys to make babies too?


BEK: Well, yeees. But deer are horribly unloyal and immoral creatures, so one boy can make babies with lots of girls.
CURT: Yup. In nature, and in the NBA, one boy makes babies with LOTS of girls. That's just how it works.


This morning, as Curtis was giving Anna a bath, more meat obsession gone horribly wrong:

CURT: Use the wash cloth and wash your pie hole.
ANNA: Why is my mouth called a pie hole?
CURT: Because that's where you put pie when you eat it, so some people jokingly say 'pie hole'.
ANNA: (Thinks for a moment.) Can I call mine my sausage hole?
CURT: (Choking on coffee, shouts) NOO!!!!
ANNA: Why not? Isn't that funny too?
CURT: No, not funny. Don't ever call it that.

Funny little girl is giving Daddy gray hair!!!