Fairytale, meet Reality.

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Once upon a time, Anna and her Daddy were a match made in heaven, and she would always say that he was her "Prince Charming". This weekend, as we celebrated Prince Charming's birthday, he and his princess were spending some quality time coloring pictures. They decided to color pictures FOR each other, to surprise one another. *Awwwww...*

Recalling the days when his Princess was little, Daddy drew her a beautiful picture of a grand castle, with a big moat and blue skies and a warm sun. Atop the castle, stood the Princess and Prince Charming, hand in hand. So sweet.

Anna also drew a picture of her and her Daddy hand in hand. They are standing on a beautiful hill, holding pretty flowers with a happy sun smiling down on them. And there is a lovely blue bird...CRAPPING ON DADDY'S HEAD?!! WTH? After Curtis caught his breath from laughing so hard, he asked her, "What's up with the bird crapping on my head?!"

She replied, "It's funny! Besides, I wrote on the picture "WATCH OUT!". Funny girl.... It's clear where she gets her sense of humor from.